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Many readers who are reading this right now may have their own blog. Perhaps it was a hobby or a little place online to vent your ramblings on daily life. Whatever your purpose, many of those bloggers want to take their blog to the next step and go professional. In theory, this means earning a living from your blog and turning it into your source of income a career. Many fellow bloggers have gone on to do this successfully, and the digital world is certainly a lucrative one when it comes to earning potential. But how do you take that initial leap from hobby blogger to professional? I thought I would share with you some of the top tips to help you do that.


Place some focus on the actual website


One of the first areas to look at is your website and blog itself. Do you have your own domain name or are you still using a WordPress or Blogger one? Have you gone self-hosted and placed further research into your analytics and demographics? These are all things you could do to help you turn your blog into a professional one. You might also want to consider a redesign of your website, which could mark the occasion of turning pro. If you don’t have the confidence in coding or design, then you may want to seek the skills of a website design company to help your dream become a reality.


Up your game when it comes to social media


Social media is one of the key areas that will define your blog from hobby to professional. So you need to look at your current profiles and workout where improvement could be made. You might want to consider creating a brand to what you upload. This might mean the way you edit your photographs on Instagram or keep people up to date with short, snappy status updates on Twitter. Facebook has opened up a whole new platform of live video that you could even consider. The best tip of all when it comes to social media is to be consistent and upload regularly.


Create your own hashtag


Hashtags are a powerful source of information and one of the easiest ways people find the content they are interested in. Not only do you want to ensure that your posts and content are reaching the right audience but you may even want to try and create your own hashtag. This could be for your blog or with the intention of building an online community.


Think about your overall brand


Branding is key when it comes to your blog. It needs to be engaging and eye catching. So if your logo or header needs a bit of work, or you want to consider your colour palette, take the time to look at your options and only change something when you are completely happy. Once you turn professional, your brand will need to work alongside your new goals and intentions for your blog.


Network within the digital world


Finally, the last tip would be to engage and network within the digital word. Like other pictures or content, share blog posts online, and even comment when you can. But don’t just think networking is about keeping it real online. There are plenty of events you could attend that not only enable you to meet like minded individuals but learn a fair bit about the blogging world as well.
I hope these tips help you turn your blog pro.

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