Relaxing & Refreshing Summer Bedroom Ideas


I don’t know about you but I always find that in the warmer summer months, my bedroom can become a little stuffy and extremely hot. I hate how claustrophobic the space makes me feel, which is why this summer I decided to make changes to my bedroom’s design and teamed up with Yorkshire Linen to create a guide to designing a summer bedroom that is both relaxing and refreshing.


For all of my best tips and pieces of advice for creating a beautiful summer bedroom that is light and airy and comfortable too, have a read of this.


Invest in a fan


There’s nothing worse than being too hot, that’s why I would wholeheartedly recommend that every bedroom has a fan for in the summer months. Fans can be expensive to buy, especially the ultra modern ones. However, I recently spent the night in a hotel that had a traditional circular desk fan in each room and I was so wonderfully cool all night – in fact, the entire room was exceptionally cool. So if you are going to get a fan for your bedroom, I would recommend getting a traditional 16 inch desktop fan, as they are affordable and work just as well as any of the modern designs.


Get the right bedding & duvet covers


I have one of those foam mattresses that come complete with a gel cooling layer and pillows to match to from Otty, so my bed should be a cool space. However, I’ve learnt that if the bedding itself isn’t of a high-quality, the cooling effects of the gel layer don’t work as well, so I’ve opted to only purchase bed linen that is made from materials that are designed to be breathable – my favourite materials are cotton, polycotton and Egyptian cotton, as these tend to help me stay cool more easily.


Out of all the Yorkshire Linen designs, my favourite duvet cover and pillowcases have to be the Catherine Lansfield Moroccan Paisley Spice Duvet Cover Set because it’s just so pretty and wonderfully summery too. Plus, the pink-hues in it go perfectly with my rose gold bed and pastel pink accent wall. For a more relaxing night’s sleep, you can choose the perfect duvet cover from the online Yorkshire Linen store. As for my favourite sheet from Yorkshire Linen, I’m a huge fan of the Belle Maison 100% cotton range of sheets, as they’re light, breathable and are designed to keep you cool while you’re sleeping.


Keep it minimalistic


There’s nothing less appealing in a bedroom than clutter. That’s why, if you want your summer bedroom to look and feel like a relaxing space, it’s important that you take steps to ensure that it remains minimalistic. I always find that when my bedroom is clutter-free, it feels like a more welcoming and more appealing space to spend time in.


Hopefully, the above tips will help you to create a more summer-friendly bedroom that will allow you to relax and unwind easily.

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