blogger event


Tomorrow, I am attending my very first blogger event. It’s safe to say that I’m both nervous and excited, and cannot wait to see what blogger meetups are all about. I’ve heard bloggers chatting on Twitter about meetups and sharing Instagrams of events, and I’ve always wanted to attend one, but until now haven’t had the chance. I’m not quite sure what to expect, but Sunday I will be reporting back to tell you how it went. (Fingers crossed I have a good time!)


I thought that today I would share a few reasons why attending blogger meetups and events is important if you are a blogger.


Meet new people and make new friends


Do you long to be part of the blogger community – then you need to start making some blogging friends. (Chatting on Twitter doesn’t count – you need to get out there and start networking.) Blogger events tend to be super friendly, with everyone happy to chat away to one another. You’ll do lots of mingling, chat to various people, and make some lovely new friends.


If you’re nervous about not knowing anyone, find a couple of other bloggers who are attending on Twitter and send them a message introducing yourself. That’s what I’ve done – I’ve been messaging the lovely Nicola from Sleek-Chic via Twitter so that I have someone to chat to.


Promote your blog


You might have got it spot on when it comes to promoting your blog online but what about offline? It’s not just about social media you know, there’s more to being a successful blogger than sharing your posts online – you need to promote your blog offline as well. Blogger events and meetups are perfect for this.


The best way to get your blog out to other bloggers is via business cards. Before you attend your first blogger event, get some business cards printed. Again and again, you’ll be asked for your blog name – it’s much easier to hand out a business card than spell out your blog name when exchanging blog addresses. I’m a real fan of Moo business cards and would recommend them every time. So, if you’re stuck for where to order from, give them a try.


Learn from others


Blogger events give you a fantastic opportunity to learn from others. What better way to grow and improve your blog than by chatting with other bloggers about their blogs? At blogger meetups and events, you have the opportunity to chat with other more experienced bloggers about how they got to where they are. This isn’t an opportunity to be missed, especially if you’re passionate about your blog.


Don’t be afraid to ask other bloggers for advice, that’s what blogging events are for. There’s so much you can learn from other bloggers, so pay attention to what other’s have to say. From learning about new Instagram hashtags that get lots of likes to understanding more about Google Adwords, there are plenty of ways you can use blogger events to learn from others.


If you get invited along to a blogger event or meetup, make sure to take advantage of the opportunity.