Girls, are you ever embarrassed by the style and look or your man? I’m sure there are lots of women out there who dread going out with their partners. Some guys are in their late twenties and still dress like teenagers. Others, just don’t give the slightest bit of attention to their style, their fashion or in some cases, their hygiene. The good news is that there are a few things you can do to help improve this situation and make sure you look like you’re walking next to a movie star.


Don’t Send Them Shopping Unattended


It’s a huge mistake to send your husband or boyfriend shopping for clothes by themselves. Unless of course, you’re already happy with their style. Most guys absolutely hate shopping and will treat it like a mission. How can I get from looking to paying in the shortest amount of time possible? This is why men often come home with clothes that are mismatched, the wrong size or just hideous to look at. If you go with them, you can nudge them towards making the right choice. You should also think about taking the opportunity to buy them clothes you want them to wear as presents. They can’t turn these down and will be forced to at least give them a go.


Give Them Confidence


If you want men to dress in a certain way or pick a certain style you have to give them confidence. So, let’s say that you want your man to cut his hair shorter or even grow it out. You can say: “darling if you cut your hair like that you’d look like Ian Somerhalder.” Or, whoever they know your celeb crush is. This is also a great way of getting guys to hit the gym more often. “Wow, after you’ve worked out you look just like (insert dream hollywood hunk 64504 here).” Give them the confidence that the style you like looks good and they’ll leap at the chance to make you happy.


Reward Them For Good Behavior


You can train men to do what you want, and anyone who says otherwise obviously hasn’t been trying hard enough. A simple reward scheme works wonders here, and you might want to try this if hygiene standards leave a lot to be desired. What are the showering habits of your man like? If you find that he constantly smells halfway through the day, probably not great right? So, just make sure that when he does make the ‘extra effort’ you show you appreciate it. A few extra kisses here and there will do the trick.


Works Both Ways


Of course, if you want your guy to dress well, you’ve got to put the effort in too. That doesn’t mean you should always wear four inch high heels and a push-up bra. It just means you should make an effort to smell nice and dress well. Do this, and they’ll want to make sure they match your standards. If only just to make sure that another guy who looks and dresses like Jamie Dornan doesn’t catch your eye.