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Let me start by saying that I am a Mexican food addict, and it’s all thanks to Paparritos Mexican Cantina. When Papparitos first launched in Cheltenham back in 2013, I wasn’t sure it would be my cup of tea, simply because I’m not a huge fan of spicy foods. But after just one meal there I was well and truly hooked, and I’ve never looked back since.

Papparitos was set up to offer fast food with a twist: the twist being that the food is healthy and freshly made to order. Serving a selection of authentic Mexican dishes, including burritos, tacos, and Mexican-style salads complete with a choice of meats and toppings, the food at Paparritos doesn’t disappoint.

What’s on the menu?

For a fast food restaurant, the menu is wonderfully varied. All the food on offer is homemade and prepared fresh with sustainably sourced ingredients, all of which are free from additives or colours. Wherever possible, free-range ingredients are also used. Because the food is all homemade on-site, it’s ideal for allergy sufferers – I have a nut allergy and was told that there were no nuts in any of the dishes, which is always great to hear.

You can choose between a small or large burrito, soft or crispy tacos, and a California burrito – a Mexican-style salad. Once you’ve chosen the type of dish you would like, you then select your toppings.

First, you need to choose between brown and white rice, then you pick your beans – there’s a choice of pinto or black beans, you can also choose to add roasted peppers and onions to your dish as well. Next, you choose your meat, there’s a choice of free-range chicken, Hereford beef, special cut braised beef or braised pork, as well as cooked-to-order steak – you can choose one meat or two, depending on your preference. There’s also tofu on offer for vegetarians. You can then choose between three salsas – mild, medium, and hot, lettuce, tomatoes, Monterey Jack cheese, sour cream, and guacamole.

As well as food, Paparritos also sells a selection of drinks, including fresh orange juice, water, and cans of fizzy drink.

If you’re eating in your food is served on a paper plate, if you’re eating out it’s served in a little cardboard takeaway box. There’s nothing special about how the food is served, but the taste of each dish is incredible.




Is takeaway the only option?

Something that I love about Paparritos is the fact that as well as taking your food away, you can also opt to sit in. The cantina has been decked out in modern-style decor, complete with tables, booths, and bar-style seating. I really love the modern, simplistic design of the space – it’s perfect.

I prefer to eat in, as I always end up in a mess when I eat a burrito or tacos. So I love the fact that you can opt to eat in as well as taking your food away.

Why you should give Paparritos a try…

  • The food is incredible. It’s healthy, homemade, and filling.
  • The menu is authentic – the owner is Mexican.
  • Paparritos offers a great alternative to traditional fast food.
  • There’s a wide selection of dishes on offer, including vegetarian options.
  • You can choose to eat in or take your food away.
  • The restaurant is smart, modern, and exceptionally clean.

For a healthy lunch with a twist, Paparritos is one of my favourite places. I may no longer live in Cheltenham, but whenever I visit I make sure to pop in and get my burrito fix.

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