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If you are anything like me, then the chances are that you are addicted to your camera. (You know that girl you see snapping shots of EVERYTHING? I’m her!) Wherever I go, I always like to have my camera on hand with me. Whether I’m simply popping into town for dinner or jetting off abroad, I literally never go anywhere without my camera.


Naturally, the fact that I never go anywhere without my camera means that whenever I go anywhere new, I take hundreds of photos. I’ve spent hours perfecting my photography skills to allow me to get that perfect shot at the ideal angle.


I might have mastered my photography shots, or am on the way to mastering them, at least, but the one thing I haven’t mastered is what to do with the 15,000 plus photos stored on the cloud. Yes, I am not ashamed to admit that I have over 15,000 photos from trips away stored on the cloud. However, I do wish that I could do a little more with them.


The funny thing is that when it comes to storing travel snaps on the computer, I am not alone. A Travel Destination survey recently found that “29 percent admit to leaving snaps on the computer. While further 29 percent admit to not doing anything with them at all while over 14 percent go as far as putting them in a separate folder on their phone.”The study also showed that “when it came to making hard copies of the images, only 12.5 percent of holidaymakers make the effort to get them printed. The remainder of us either create an album on our phones or share them on social media.”


So, with the fact that most of us spend hours snapping holiday pictures only to leave them on our computers, the question is: how could we do more with our travel photos?


Create a collage


What better way to display your travel pictures than creating a collage? When I was a teenager, collages were all the rage, that was how everyone displayed their photos. While I love the concept of collages, what I’m not so keen on is the messy look they have – my home has a shabby chic vibe, and I don’t think a photo collage would fit in. However, pinning the photos to a photo board could work well – these come in all shapes and sizes, some even have cute little pegs  and strings to hang photos on.


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Build a photo album


How about putting all of your holiday snaps into a photo album? Don’t worry about the cost of printing them off, as there are plenty of companies that offer free photo printing, such as Free Prints – all you have to do is cover the cost of postage. Whether you create one large photo album with different sections for each of your trips, or you choose to create a different album for each destination, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you find a way to display your favourite prints. Personally, I love the retro-style, polaroid shaped prints that you can get – these are just so cute and quirky.


Get creative with your prints


Whenever I am going to display photos around my home of my travels, I always like to get creative. Having them printed onto canvas is one technique I like to use, as is having them printed out in a unique style, such as in a pop art style or as a sketch. I like to be creative with how I display things in my home.


That’s how I like to display my holiday snaps, but what about you? Tell me how you display your holiday photos in the comments section below!