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Autumn might be here, but this doesn’t mean that you have to look as dull as the colour of the crispy leaves that have fallen off the trees. In fact, there are quite a lot of beauty techniques that have only recently emerged into fashion – and, if you don’t try them, you’re missing out.


Taking more inspiration from nature – such as through choosing more organic products – is a common theme with the following beauty tips that are undeniably “in” at the moment.


Get cheeky


No, I’m not advising you to start mooning, you’ll likely be relieved to know. It’s your facial cheeks to which I’m here recommending you pay attention. If you think the rosy look brought to those cheeks by the cold is endearing, you don’t have to wait until the cold arrives before that look returns.


Instead, you can follow Good Housekeeping‘s advice to add some more blush to those cheeks. For an alternative shade of blush, you could use a warm bronzer as blush – though, if you are eager for the look to stay contemporary, don’t opt for a shimmery bronzer here.


Two tones are better than one


Keep an eye on the mirror to see the result when you make your bottom lip subtly darker than the top lip. Another idea is giving your top eyelid a colourful shade and the bottom lash line a smoky black shadow. It’s sexy and modern and, therefore, capable of turning heads for the right reasons.


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Natural deodorant, naturally!


It has often been recommended that antiperspirants containing aluminium are replaced with natural deodorant. After all, while aluminium antiperspirants make our underarms drier through clogging the sweat glands, the body is not being allowed to detox in an entirely natural fashion.


It doesn’t exactly help that, judging from research cited by mindbodygreen, aluminium antiperspirants might cause breast cancer – though the American Cancer Society rules out a causal link for now. In any case, aluminium-free formulas of increasing number have been developed.


Cleansing dust that could replace your oil cleanser


While powder cleansers are relatively new, there are certainly merits to having cleansers in powder, rather than the more traditional oil, form. For example, it means that you can avoid having cleansers with excessive preservatives. Many preservatives can punish both our skin and the planet.


In 2017, powder cleansers with ingredients including cacao, arrowroot, dried milk, clay, and rice bran have been released. You won’t have to fret about any of these cleansers exploding in a carry-on!


Oil pulling


There’s no shortage of products that claim to assist in making teeth whiter. However, getting that dazzling Hollywood smile might only necessitate a practice called oil pulling. This is basically where you would hold a particular kind of oil in your mouth before spitting it out.


The Big Fruit provides a more detailed guide to how to oil pull in either of two distinct ways. That website also stocks various oils which are suitable for use with this technique.