Got a love for digital technology? Tech-based careers aren’t just in high demand, they’re also generally very well paid. Here are just 7 careers to consider.


Hardware engineering


Many of today’s gadgets are computerised and these need to be built by engineers. Whether you’re handling the design or overseeing manufacture, a job in hardware engineering is certain to come with a good salary and good career stability. A degree in computer science or computer engineering is generally needed to get into this role – this requires an aptitude for maths, chemistry, physics and electronics.  


Software development


Another option could be to take up a job in software development. This could include anything from designing an app to helping to build a video game. All that’s generally needed to get into software development is knowledge of a language such as Java or Objective C – although courses and experience can help you get your foot in the door.


Web programming


Another option for those with coding know-how could be web programming. This could involve building websites or helping to edit and maintain them. Javascript is the most in demand scripting language, followed by Python and Ruby. Learning these languages could help you to land a job in this field.


Digital marketing


Digital marketing is a means of using the internet to help promote companies and could include anything from social media marketing to SEO. It’s a competitive field that attracts people from all walks of life, however there’s a constantly growing need for it. You can take a university course in marketing or you can even gain marketing qualifications with Google. Often any degree can help you get into this industry, so long as you can show a passion for the field and a certain level of understanding.


Digital design


Digital design involves handling the visual side of software and websites rather than the mechanics behind it. Jobs within this field could include UI design, animation and logo design. Interests in art and graphic design are required to get into this field – often higher education and a strong portfolio of work will help you to make a break in this field.


Digital security


The internet has created new security risks that require new forms of protection in place. Whether you’re designing antivirus software or helping to secure a website from hackers, a strong understanding of programming is likely to be needed. Digital security roles are generally very well paid although can be difficult to get hired for due to the heavy amount of screening required.


Data science


Data science is a new field that involves using huge amounts of digital data to spot trends and suggest improvements to a company. It can be used in marketing, in finance and in risk assessment. The number of data scientists is thought to rapidly grow in the next few years due to the massive demand for these specialists. Strong skills in maths, particularly statistics, and some coding knowledge are required to get into this career.


There you have it, seven tech-based careers that could be perfect for you if technology is something that you’re interested in. The key to loving what you do is being passionate about the industry that you’re in, which is why if you love technology, this kind of role could be perfect for you.