Until recently, I’ve never been very keen on the concept of cruises, mainly because I get seasick and I didn’t want to spend two weeks feeling unwell. However, it turns out that because cruise ships are so large, the majority of people with sea sickness don’t actually get sick when traveling on one. So with this in mind, I’ve been thinking about booking a cruise for myself and The Gamer Bloke to head off on.


A friend of mine recently went on a cruise and she’s been raving about it ever since. She loved the ship she was one and the company she went with – Bolsover Cruises in case you’re wondering – which has made me want to try a cruise for myself. She said that the boat she went on was like a mini city – who would have thought that cruise ships have everything from swimming pools, bars and restaurants to spas, medical centres, and nightclubs?


So, as I am thinking about booking a cruise to go on next spring or summer, and I’ve been thinking a lot about how to ensure that I select the right option for myself and my partner. Here’s what I’ve learned so far about cruise booking:


There are different types of cruises


There’s not just one set type of cruise there are 100s of different options to choose from, from river cruises to sea cruises. You can opt to go on a family-friendly cruise, a luxury trip, an adults-only cruise, or a wide array of other options – the type of cruise you choose depends on the trip that you want. There are cruises for partying – also known as single’s cruises – there are trips that are designed to offer beach breaks, city breaks, and all manner of other options.


What this means is that when it comes to selecting a cruise ship and holiday type, it’s essential that you think carefully about the kind of trip that you want. For me, I’ve been looking for a relaxing beach/city break on a cruise ship that has a range of amenities, such as various restaurants and bars, and of course, an on-ship pool and ideally, a spa too. After all, if you can’t pamper yourself when you’re abroad, when can you?


Each cruise goes to different locations


Like each normal vacation is organised for different destinations, so is each cruise. When it comes to selecting a cruise, it’s important that you look at the different destination options. For instance, there are cruises to everywhere, from cruises of Australasia, Africa and the Carribean to central America, the Middle East and the South Pacific.


If there’s a certain area of the world that you would love to explore, such as South America, it makes sense to look for a cruise that focuses on that area of the world. I personally, would love to explore Australasia, so I’ve been looking at cruises that explore this area – I’ve found some amazing options, ranging from budget cruises to luxury experiences.


Budget is essential


As mentioned above, when it comes to booking a cruise, there are various options to choose from, from budget options to more expensive trips. As I’ve been browsing different cruise options, I’ve been thinking about my budget to ensure that I don’t end up overspending.


Whenever I go away, I always like to set a budget, even if I’m planning a a luxury trip. Because once I’ve set a budget, I feel like I can plan more trip without as much stress then, as I know what I have to spend, and I can organise my trip around that. What I like about the idea of cruises is the fact that I can choose to go down the route of all-inclusive where you pay for all of your food and drink costs to be included in the original price of your trip.


There you have it, my guide to how to plan the perfect cruise trip.