Twelve months of non-stop work can take its toll on your mental and physical health. As a result, you might be craving a holiday abroad to recharge your batteries and spend some quality time with your spouse, children or friends.


If you are spending most of your working life dreaming of heading off to an idyllic destination, make sure to read the following top tips for enjoying a truly relaxing holiday abroad.


Don’t Make Plans on the First Day


Rather than immediately heading off on an excursion or visiting an attraction, spend your first day relaxing in the hotel or exploring the local area.


So, sleep in late, lounge by the pool, or treat yourself to a cocktail or two at a bar. It will ensure you feel both relaxed and de-stressed from the start of your holiday abroad.


Avoid Overscheduling


Remember, you are heading off on holiday to relax and unwind, which is why you must avoid adding too many activities into your itinerary.


If you are constantly visiting one attraction after another each day, you might want a second holiday to recover from the first.


Aim only to complete a few tasks each day, which could range from reading a good book by a pool to visiting a theme park.


Pick the Perfect Destination


The destination you pick will determine how relaxed you feel abroad, so you must choose wisely.


For example, if you’re dreaming of sun-kissed beaches, turquoise water and a laidback pace of life, Caribbean villa holidays could be an ideal choice. After all, you can spend your days indulging in the flavour-filled cuisine or enjoying fun water sports.


Set Time Aside for Yourself


While you might have booked a holiday to spend time with your spouse, family and/or friends, that doesn’t mean you can’t set some time aside for yourself.


For example, you could:


It could potentially lower your stress levels and will ensure you appreciate your loved ones a little bit more.


Steer Clear of Social Media


Many people click on a social media app out of habit. However, you’re going on vacation to take a break from your daily life, which should include your followers on Instagram and Facebook.


Rather than getting sucked into your newsfeed, delete the apps off your smartphone or tablet and enjoy the beautiful backdrop with your loved ones.


Save posting any holiday photographs for when you return home.


Embrace Fun Activities


Embracing various fun activities will prevent you from worrying about work or if you set your home alarm before you left for the airport.


So, go kayaking, play tennis, try your hand at volleyball, or brave paragliding, which can distract your mind and will ensure you make the most of your break abroad.


Allow Yourself to Scan Your Emails Quickly


Don’t spend your holiday worrying something bad has happened at work during your absence.


Instead, quickly scan your emails to confirm everything is okay, which will then allow you to focus solely on a fun, relaxing holiday alone or with your loved ones.