Reflecting On My Learning


I choose to undertake this module because I hoped it would further my understanding of the ever-changing digital world in which we live. I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect from this module due to the fact that it is taught almost entirely digitally but I am pleased to say that it has been extremely beneficial. Until I undertook this module, I didn’t understand the full employment potential that digital business models offer.


I was unsure whether I would truly benefit from reading other students insights on discussions forums, but I am pleased to say that I actually found reading these extremely beneficial. I feel that I gained a far better insight into the challenges and benefits of digital business models purely through interacting with other students as part of this module.


What did I find most beneficial?


Read the blog posts of my colleagues was by far, one of the most valuable aspects of this module. By reading other people’s work, I gained an insight into perspectives that I otherwise may never have come across. I felt that the two blog posts written about Netflix as a digital business model were extremely interesting to read – I use this streaming site daily but had never considered the uniqueness of its digital business model before. I also found reading the differing views of the two blog posts extremely interesting. I realised that by reading other people’s posts that I began to question my own perceptions of digital brands.






The different aspects of the module, with each week focusing on a different topic, is also something that I found extremely beneficial. For instance, I found the topic of ‘Failed Transmissions Into The Digital World’ extremely interesting.



What will I take forward?


Looking back at this module and the unique way it has been taught, I feel that I will take the ability to provide refined feedback forward with me in my studies and future career. Commenting on other people’s blog posts and taking part in group discussions on MOOC has highlighted how beneficial giving and receiving refined feedback can be when it comes to both my learning and my career.


As part of providing feedback, I took note of Gibbs’ ‘Reflective Cycle’ (Mind Tools, 2019), which allowed me to gain a far more in-depth insight into the process of reflecting on my own learning and sharing my thoughts and feelings with my colleagues as part of the learning process.


Want to hear more about my thoughts on this module? The video below explains my views in more detail!


Video made via Biteable.



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