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As you will know if you have read my ‘about me’ section on the blog, this isn’t my first blog. On my previous blog, I was asked to write a review for Birchbox, and so I thought I would share my review on this blog, too.


When I found out that I had been chosen to review Laqa & Co.’s Lip Lube Pencils, it’s safe to say that I was absolutely over the moon. I presumed I would be reviewing just one of the two Lip Lube Pencils, but when one of each colour arrived in the post, I couldn’t have been happier.


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As my regular readers will be aware, lipstick and lip gloss are two products that I have never been able to get my head around. Whilst I love the look on other people, bright, bold, glossy lips, have never looked quite right on me. Perhaps it is my pale skin tone or strangely narrow lips, but for some reason lipstick never ends up looking quite right, whilst lip gloss leaves me in a sticky mess. To be honest, I have always been a lip balm girl.


However, the problem with lip balms tends to be the lack of colour, yes they are easy to apply, and yes they are amazing moisturisers, but where’s the fun in a lip balm? After all, a little bit of colour never goes amiss – and that is where these amazing pencils come in.



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When initially applying the lip pencils, the very first thing I noticed was how light and moisturising they felt on my lips. I was plesantly surprised at how glossy and lipstick like, the peppermint and shea butter formula actually, looked. After trying out both colours, I found that they both stayed on well for two to three hours, before a quick top-up was needed. With the easy twist-up pencil, applying a new coat whilst out and about, couldn’t have been simpler. When your pencil gets blunt, all you have to do is quickly twist, and more lip balm will pop out.


Of the two colours, I initially thought that the purple tone of Menatour, would look too bright with my pale skin tone. However, I found that by just applying a light coating, the pencil gave my lips a gorgeous pinky hue that looked lovely – ideal for date night. The subtle colour of the Bees Knees pencil, makes it perfect for daily use. Overall, I absolutely loved these two lips pencils. They’re beautifully coloured, easy to apply and best of all, stay on for long periods of time, making them a must-have for any makeup bag.