Old houses are beautiful, so being lucky enough to own one can undoubtedly bring you a lot of joy. Of course, it can also bring you a headache or two over the years when it comes to upkeep. That’s why, today, I’m going to share some tips to help you keep that ageing house of yours in the best possible shape.

1. Historic Building Restoration

First of all, if you’re serious about keeping your house in tip-top shape, consider professional historic building restoration, which is almost as good as going back in time to when your home was first built. Almost. These pros will fix up your thatch faster than you can polish the floor, and won’t that be nice?

2. Regular Roof Checkups

As you will probably know, your roof is your home’s first line of defence against the elements. So, it goes without saying that regular checkups can save you a lot of hassle. Look out for missing tiles, leaks, or any signs of the roof equivalent of a midlife crisis. It’s better to deal with small issues before they become a torrential downpour in your living room.

3. Keep Those Gutters Clean

Clean your gutters regularly. It’s not the most glamorous job, but clogged gutters can lead to water damage, which in old houses is about as welcome as a mouse at a cat convention. Keep those gutters as clean as a whistle.

4. Sash Window TLC

If you’ve got sash windows, you really do need to give them some love on a regular basis. They can be prone to sticking, rot, or drafts. Regular maintenance, painting, and draught-proofing will keep them looking and working great. It’s like ensuring your house’s eyes are bright and sparkling.

5. Mind the Cracks

Old houses can develop cracks, and although they occasionally add to the charm, they are never ideal for your home;’s structure. While they add character, it’s important to keep an eye on them. If they’re widening or letting in water, it’s time to call in the experts. It’s like wrinkle care, but for your house.

6. Keep the Damp at Bay

Damp can be an old house’s worst enemy. Look out for any signs of dampness and tackle them early. Proper ventilation, dehumidifiers, and fixing any leaks can keep dampness at bay. It’s like your house is on a dry diet.

7. Period-Appropriate Decor

When decorating, stay true to the house’s period. It doesn’t mean you need to live like it’s 1899, but a nod to its historical roots can really make your home shine. It’s like dressing for a vintage party – embrace the theme.

8. Insulation

Insulate wisely. Old houses weren’t built with modern insulation in mind, but there are ways to improve energy efficiency without compromising character. Look into options like sheep’s wool insulation for a cozy, eco-friendly solution.

9. Love the Woodwork

Take care of any original woodwork if you want your old house to look great many years from now. Regular cleaning, polishing, and treating can keep wooden floors, beams, and panels looking dapper. It’s like a beauty routine for your woodwork.

10. Garden Glory

Don’t forget the garden. An old house with a well-maintained garden is like a historical novel come to life. 

Here’s to another hundred years of glory for your home!