About Me

Welcome to La Blog Beauté, a UK-based, journalist-run beauty and lifestyle blog, offering tips, advice, reviews, and so much more. 

You’ll find lots of information about beauty, from skincare to makeup application – and everything in between, as well as occasional posts around fashion, food allergies, travel, food, relationships, blogging, and freelance life. In addition to plenty of posts about my life working as a freelance journalist (including lots of handy journalism career tips), and of course, lots of updates on life in the city of Exeter. 

I launched La Blog Beauté in 2015, as a newly graduated journalist, as a starting point for my journalism career while working as a copywriter. 

Since then, a lot has changed. I now work full-time (in a freelance capacity) as a Shopping Writer for HuffPost UK, along with freelancing for the likes of Metro, The Express, Fabulous, The List, The Daily Mail, and more. 

Over the past seven years, La Blog Beauté has developed and grown, giving me the opportunity  to collaborate with some incredible brands, including Lush, Glossybox, Nivea, Blistex, New Look, Topshop, Very, Clinique, Yes To, Glasses Direct, Birchbox, L’Occitane, Turtle Bay, Debenhams, and many more. 

For PR requests for collaboration, please email hello@lablogbeaute.co.uk and use the subject line: COLLAB x LA BLOG BEAUTE (this helps me to ensure that I don’t miss any important emails).