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Today is a very special day for myself and my fiancé, it marks three years since we got together. So I thought that to mark this momentous occasion – it’s momentous to me, anyway, I would pop a little post up. (This post was meant to be posted on Wednesday 14th October, but due to having no internet, I had to wait to post it!)


Since meeting three years ago, our relationship has moved quickly. We got together after two weeks of dating (four dates, to be precise). After six months, we moved into a cute little flat together. On our one year anniversary, he proposed, and I said, yes. (Two years on, and we’re still in the process of saving up for our wedding – saying “I do”, really is expensive.)


I’ll admit that when the fiancé proposed, not everyone was happy for us. A few of my friends weren’t pleased, simply because they were worried about it being too quick. The fact that we were quite young – we were in our early twenties, probably didn’t help, either. I knew that a few people thought we had rushed into it, but it just felt right. I already knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him, so there was no reason not to say yes.


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On a beautiful beach in Cornwall celebrating three years together!


Plus, one of the most important people to me, my mum, was super excited for us. In fact, she even helped the fiancé pick out the ring. The ring is beautiful, I have never loved a piece of jewellery more. It’s mostly yellow gold with a couple of small twists of white gold, it has one main diamond, and six smaller ones on the band. The vintage-inspired design is perfect for me, as I am a real fan of antique jewellery. (If I have the option, I will always choose second-hand jewellery.)


Even though our wedding plans are on hold while we save up, we are still super excited. The fiancé has said on many occasions that he would happily tie the knot anywhere, but for me, a church wedding is really important. I’m not overly religious, but there is a church in the Parish where I grew up, where every family christening, wedding and funeral has been held, so it feels only right that we get married there.


Don’t get me wrong here, we might be happy together, but our relationship isn’t perfect. Just like every couple, we bicker and fight – normally, about silly things. Our most common argument is about the cleaning, I’m a clean freak and he’s more laid back – recipe for disaster. That being said, we do make it work. Yes, we might fight over the state of the kitchen after he cooks a meal, but within half an hour, we’re over it.


For me, the reason I am so happy in my relationship is the small things. No matter what I fancy, he’ll cook it for me. If I’m unwell, he won’t sleep until I’m asleep, in case I need anything. If something bad happens, he knows how to calm me down. He always puts me first, and does everything that he can to make my day better. (These small things might seem insignificant, but they’re the reasons we are so happy together.)


Back to our anniversary. To celebrate the big day, we’ve gone away to Cornwall. It’s so lovely to be able to get away – we’ve had a fantastic time so far. We’ve been to lots of beautiful beaches, gone of some incredible walks, played lots of cards – we love rummy, and generally, just had a laugh.


Instead of getting each other gifts and cards, we choose to come away. And I am so glad that we did, we were in real need of a break. We’re both happier and more relaxed now we’re away. Today, we’ve just been out and about, exploring the area. (If you ever get the chance, visit The Lizard in Cornwall, it’s a beautiful place.)



The lovely flowers he surprised me with…


Tonight, the fiancé is cooking me a delicious three course meal. He hasn’t told me what it is, but he’s a fantastic cook, so I’m sure it’ll be amazing. He has this way with food, he can make even the most boring foods into absolutely, gorgeous dishes. (I’ll be Instagramming it, so make sure to keep an eye out!)


It’s been three years, we’re still going strong and are happier and more in love than ever before.