love autumn


One of my earliest memories is crunching through the autumn leaves in my little red wellies; since then I have always loved autumn. There isn’t just one simple reason why this is my favourite time of year. I do love the beautiful orange leaves, but it’s more than that – it’s everything about this season, it’s just perfect.


One reason for my love of autumn is the fact that I am a real fan of dressing up in snuggly jumpers – I just bought a couple of new ones from New Look, and I am so in love. I also love being able to wear my favourite scarf – a tartan affair, I only brought this recently, hence my obsession with it. I know that you can do this next season too, but for me, the winter is just far too cold – I hate going outside. (The only thing that will get me out the house in the winter is the promise of a Starbucks latte from the fiance!)


autumn walk

(Out on a lovely autumn walk!)


That brings me nicely onto reason number two for loving autumn – all the delicious lattes on offer. I have to admit, I have never actually, had one of the famous Starbucks spiced pumpkin lattes. I’m more of a gingerbread latte gal. However, I am quite intrigued by the idea of pumpkin latte, so I might give it a go next time I’m having coffee. (Not 100% sure about this, though.)


For me, another reason the months of September, October and November – aka autumn, are my fave time of year is because of all the fantastic things that happen during them. Firstly, there’s my birthday – a big occasion for me. Secondly, there’s Halloween, one of my favourite holidays of the year. (This is mostly because it’s a perfect excuse to munch on lots of delicious chocolate!) And thirdly, there’s the fact that on November 5th, it’s Bonfire Night. Cue fireworks, sparklers and, of course, a cup of warming hot chocolate.

My final reason for being in love with this season is simple – autumnal beauty products! I am a real fan of darker tones when it comes to my makeup, especially my lipstick. I also love berry shades for my lips, and also bronze eyeshadows. As for my nails, one of my favourite colours is Black Cherry by Rimmel, which is perfect for the autumn months.