As in the US, Thanksgiving is on the way, the topic of this week’s ‘The Weekend’ is ‘gratitude’. Obviously in the UK, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but we can still appreciate how important it is to be thankful for what we have. (I do wish that we celebrated Thanksgiving here, it sounds like such a fun holiday!)


For my post, I thought that I would write about four things that I am grateful for. (This isn’t the type of post I would normally write, but it’s fitting for this week’s link party.)


I love the idea of this post, as so often we take what we have for granted. Sometimes, I find myself thinking ‘why isn’t life better’, but then I think about those who have nothing, and realise that I have a lot to be thankful for.


So what am I thankful for?


  1. My lovely fiance




The first thing that I am thankful for is my fiance; he is amazing. I’ll be honest, I am not the easiest person to live with. I work a lot, so I am always stressed out, and often, I take that stress out on him. I am also a real worrier, I worry about everyone and everything, so he spends a lot of time calming me down. (He’s actually amazing at it, he knows just what to do.)


Most importantly, he is the most caring man. He looks after me all the time; cares for me when I’m sick, makes me coffee every morning, rubs my head when I have a headache. He always puts me first and does everything he can to make things better, which is something that I love about him.


  1. My parents (and step parents)


I am lucky to have such caring parents; I have a mum, dad, and step-dad, all of whom have always been there for me.


They taught me how to drive, and didn’t give up even when I crashed into bushes, lamp posts and traffic lights. (I’m a much better driver now, I promise!)


When my fridge has been bare and I’ve not even had a penny to my name, they’ve bailed me out. They bought me food and helped me to get back on track with my bills – living alone is hard, especially when you’re a student.


They drove me to university and didn’t get mad, despite the fact that I cried the whole way there. (Once I arrived I was fine, I think it was just the thought of it.)


Even now that I am in my 20’s, I know that if I ever need them, they will always be there for me. And I am SO THANKFUL for that.


  1. The rest of my crazy family





My brother and step brother, my uncles and aunts, grandparents, and cousins – I am part of a seriously crazy family. We may be a mad bunch, and sometimes we might fight, but we all love each other really.


An example of how mad we are; each year in June, 30 of us from my mum’s side of the family, go camping for a week. We dress up in fancy dress, roast a hog on a spit, drink until the early hours, and have our own Tri-Wizard Tournament – ours is The Tri-Family Tournament. We have matching t-shirts, play crazy games, and even award trophies. (Yes we are truly mad!)


  1. My job


I might moan every now and then about how tired I am of working, but if I’m honest, I have the best job in the world. I get to stay at home and blog all day long. (Being a freelance copywriter is the best!) I can have all the cups of coffee I want, and I got to design my very own home office. (I am crazy about home decor, so for me, this is a major benefit of working from home.)


I am not the 9-5 office type, I like to do things differently. I might be a little jealous of my friend’s work wear, but I love working from home. The fact that I don’t have to commute is another reason that I absolutely LOVE MY JOB.


So there you have it, the fours things that I am most thankful for.