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We all remember our teen days when we went too far with our eyebrows, either plucking them to near extinction or going a little too heavy with the pencil. Of course, today, being a mature, sophisticated, adult woman, your brows always look perfect… A girl can dream, can’t she? Okay, so maybe your brows aren’t always as sleek as you would like them to be, but that’s okay because with these tips and tricks that’s about to change.


Let me just say that my brows and I have never really gotten on. Unless, of course, they’ve been plucked and dyed to perfection by a professional threader, my brows never seem to look quite right. Or, at least, they didn’t, until I took the advice below on board. (These are a few tricks that a close friend who works in makeup shared with me – she swears by them and so should you!)


Rule number one – don’t over pluck. Seriously, if you want beautiful brows, be smart with the tweezers. The most amazing brows are always the ones that are lovely and full-looking. If you over tweeze, you’ll be left with patchy, fake-looking brows. After all, there’s only so much eyebrow pencil you can use without your brows looking fake.


brow pencil


Eyebrow shaping isn’t as difficult as it seems. Yes, it’s an art, but one that is incredibly easy to learn. The best way to shape your brows is to follow their natural line, keeping them as natural looking as possible. Aim to remove any straggly hairs and neaten up the shape but make sure that as far as possible you always keep the shape as natural as possible.


To work out the best natural-looking brow shape for you, have them professionally plucked and shaped, take a photo, and use that as a guide for plucking. To make the process easier, I use a Kohl pencil eyeliner to draw around my brows, creating an outline of the shape I want to achieve. I then pluck any hairs outside of this line. This makes plucking easier and helps to prevent me from going too mad with the tweezers. If you don’t like to pluck, threading or simply trimming your brows could be a good option.


Next up is styling your brows. This is something that, for a lot of us, can be incredibly difficult to get right. The best advice I can give you is use a product that gives your brows a natural-look and matches your hair colour. Whether you opt to dye them or fill them in with a pencil liner, it’s essential to get the shade right.


brow wax


When it comes to the best products to use, it’s important to realise that it’s a personal choice. The most common brow items are pencils, wax and powder sets, powder and gel sets, and eyebrow mascaras that darken the hair. Often, when it comes to your brow products it’s a question of trial and error. Personally, I’m a fan of pencil liners as they’re super easy to use and blend and powder and wax, as these give the most natural-looking finish.  


Hopefully, these tips will help you to master the art of achieving beautiful brows. What are your favourite eyebrow grooming techniques and products – let me know in the comment section below.