girl on beach


This summer, once again I won’t be jetting off anywhere exotic. Instead, I’ll be spending my summer in the UK, and you know what, I’m not upset about it. I must admit, I crave the warmth of the Spanish beaches and the delicious Greek food. But I have no problem with holidaying in the UK instead of abroad, and neither should you.



If this summer you’ve decided to plan a break somewhere in the UK instead of jetting off to somewhere hot, you can still have a fantastic time. I haven’t been abroad in a few years but I always go somewhere in the UK each summer and have the best time, and you can too. Want to know the best ways to make the most of a summer break in the UK? Here’s everything that you need to know:


Go somewhere new


It won’t feel like a holiday if you go somewhere you’ve been before. Vacations are all about seeing and exploring new places, so it’s best to go to a place that you’ve never been before. My fiance and I are big fans of Cornwall but we always go to different areas of it so that we’re seeing and doing new things. Big cities like London, Bristol, and Edinburgh, are great for short breaks. But for your summer holiday, it’s best to think beach destinations. Or at least, somewhere that’s close to a beach. After all, what’s a summer holiday with sun, sand and sea?


See the sights


Just like you would when heading off to some exotic location, research the local sites and attractions. Once you know what appeals to you, you can then start planning out the itinerary for your trip. Holidays are all about exploring new places; so make sure to plan a schedule packed full of fun things to see and do. These don’t necessarily have to cost money; they can be anything. The fiance and I often prefer to explore beaches and towns and villages, rather than theme parks and other family attractions.


Dine and drink in all the best places


For me, exploring new places is all about the food. I am a total foodie – luckily for me, so is my fiance. When we go somewhere new, we love finding all the best places to dine and drink. I like places with a difference, such as Boadicea Bar Restaurant, not chain restaurants. Individual restaurants serve menus that are unique, complete with freshly made food. I love eating in places that serve real food that’s homemade and locally sourced. You can eat pasta at Prezzo or tapas at Las Iguanas anywhere, but not the food of independent eateries. So when you’re on vacation, always go for independent places rather than chains.


Have a laugh


Most importantly, enjoy your time away. Obviously, a break in the UK doesn’t compare to a trip abroad, so don’t compare it. You can still have the most amazing time, it’ll just be a different experience, that’s all. Make sure to book the perfect accommodation for you and your travel buddies, and ensure it’s in the right location. My fiance and I prefer to chill out while on holiday and spend out time drinking wine and playing cards – it’s a lot more fun that you’d think. However, if you want a vacation that’s more lively, pick somewhere that’s known for its nightlife.


So there you have it, everything that you need to know to make a holiday in the UK this summer, enjoyable.