Each year since I was 11-years-old, I’ve gone camping with a group of my closest extended family. Over the years I’ve tried out lots of different tents, and I think I’ve finally got making it lovely and cosy down to a T. This year, the fiance and I have a beautiful bell tent to camp it – think glamping style, and I am so excited to make it all cute and cosy.


It’s all about the colours…


It’s all about colour combinations. To give my tent a cute, bohemian vibe, I tend to use accessories that are pastel hued. Think mint green, duck egg blue, and candyfloss pink. To create a space that is pretty, you need to choose a colour scheme and stick to it. I opt for sugar shades because I personally love the look they create, but you can pick whatever colours you like. Just make sure that the shades you pick work well together. This year I’ve got pretty pastel bunting, bedding, and floor cushions – everything matches.


Comfort is key


For me, the most important thing when I go camping is comfort. I fill my tent with pretty rugs and faux fur throws to make it feel as cosy as possible. For my bed, I like a soft, comfortable mattress, like this handmade cotton mattress from Camping with Soul. I then top my bed with a sheet, duvet, and cotton throw – I’m a cold person. All my bedding matches and is nice and cosy. A feather duvet is a good call if like me you’re a cold person. I don’t bother with a sleeping bag, I prefer the type of bedding I would have at home.


camping bed


Get the lighting right


Want to give your tent that pretty glow? Then you need to get your lighting spot on. I tend to string some white fairy lights inside my tent, I also dot around LED tea lights, and pack a bedside lamp. I like having a bedside lamp as it gives a lot more light than camping torches and lanterns do. It’s great for using to read by, or just for relaxing in the evenings.


Don’t forget the outside


When it comes to beautifying your tent, don’t forget the outside. I normally string up fairy lights – outdoor ones are best, dot solar lanterns around, and hang bunting along the tent entrance. The prettier your tent looks, the more you’ll enjoy your trip. I also set up a gazebo, a wooden picnic bench, my BBQ, and my bucket chairs outside. This makes a great space for socialising or having a campfire – something we do every night.


Camping can be so much fun, especially if you turn it into glamping. All you need is a bell tent and some cute accessories and camping furniture, and voila you can create a beautiful space.