So I tried a new foundation…


A few weeks ago while shopping with my mama, I purchased the Clinique Chubby In The Nude Foundation Stick. I’d always used liquid or cream to powder foundations, I’d never tried a ‘stick foundation’ before, so I wasn’t too sure what to expect. However, being a makeup addict, I’m always happy to try new things. Obviously.


What I instantly loved about this foundation was the fact that it’s small and easily portable, as well as the fact it offers buildable coverage. I’m a gal who likes a natural look, so minimum coverage is what I tend to opt for. However, for those days when I need a little extra help, it’s nice to know extra coverage is an option.


What did I think of it?




Before applying this foundation, I moisturise my face and apply my primer. I then draw ‘war paint’ on my face with the foundation stick before blending it in with my Beauty Blender or fingers. However, I prefer to use my fingers as the heat from them makes the oil-free formula quicker and easier to blend.


That’s the thing about this foundation, it is SO EASY to use. Never have I ever (did you see what I did there?!) had a foundation that is so quick and easy to use and apply. You just wind up the twist bottom of the foundation, ‘draw’ the product onto your face, blend – this takes a mere 30 seconds, and then you’re good to go. Say what, 30 seconds?! Yep, 30 seconds – crazy isn’t it?


It’s probably clear by now that I’m a fan of this foundation, but you’re probably wondering why. I mean you know it’s easy to use and blend, but you’re probably wondering what else makes it so special… Am I right?! The reason I’m such a fan is because it does everything you could ever want from a foundation… It provides buildable coverage, it brightens and evens skin, it conceals redness and darkness. Plus, it’s beautifully breathable and weightless. And best of all, it stays in place for hours at a time.


Would I recommend it?




I 100 percent would, it’s a fantastic product. I never thought I’d be a major fan of a stick foundation but I am so in love with it. I know that for £23 a tube, it is a little pricey. However, as a little goes a long way, and it’s a product that comes with various benefits, I really do think it’s worth the cost.