Let’s talk skin care…




A few days ago, the lovely PR team from Organic & Botanic, an all natural and organic beauty brand, got in touch to say that they would like to send me a little something to trial and test out. Being a skincare junkie, I jumped at the chance – I love, love, love natural and organic products because my skin is so sensitive and eczema-prone. A couple of days later, I received a parcel in the post containing a tub of Organic & Botanic Madagascan Coconut Rejuvenating Night Moisturiser.


Before I go any further, I want to tell you a little bit about the brand. Organic & Botanic use some of the world’s finest natural and organic ingredients to create high-quality, ethically sourced beauty products. All of which are vegan, paraben and preservative free, and packed full of natural goodness. They really are a brand after my own heart – I am such a fan of natural and organic beauty.


What’s so special about this moisturiser?




The night cream that I was sent is made up of a combination of Tiare Flower, Madagascan Coconut Oil and Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil; it aims to balance and deeply hydrate the skin, leaving it soft and beautifully smooth. Tiare Flower is highly nourishing and brings intense hydration to the skin, while Coconut Oil balances the skin’s natural PH levels, preventing dryness, itching and sensitivity. Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil aids hydration, elasticity and skin regeneration, while helping to calm sore and irritated areas.


What were my thoughts?




Packaging: The packaging was exactly what I imagined it would be; simple yet elegant. The cardboard box with black printed text on it that the pot of cream comes in, says a lot about the brand. It’s simple, effective, and links to the organic roots of the company. The pot itself is, again, simple to look at. However, the fact it’s made of black glass adds a sense of elegance and style to this little pot, giving it a high end look.


Smell: The first thing I noticed about this night cream when I unscrewed the lid was the smell. It’s refreshingly fragrant; it has a sweet, fruity aroma that reminds me of being on holiday. I just love the coconut smell that this cream has, it’s wonderfully light while also being fragrant. Unlike so many moisturisers, the scent it has isn’t too sickly or over the top, you can tell it’s a natural coconut smell, and because of this, it feels like a cream that’s incredibly indulgent.




Results: As directed on the box, I applied the Organic & Botanic Night Moisturiser after cleansing my face, before getting into bed. As I applied it to my skin, I noticed how wonderfully thick and creamy it felt, almost like a face butter. I loved how easy it was to apply it to my skin and how it didn’t feel sticky, instead it just melted in my skin. It didn’t sting or burn my skin, like so many other face creams do. While it took a while to soak in properly – as any good night cream should, once it had soaked in, my skin felt so wonderfully soft and hydrated. When I woke up the following morning, I was happy to find that my skin still felt just as well hydrated, maybe even more so. My skin dries out easily, so for me this was a fantastic result.


Price: The one downside of this face cream is the price. At £57.06 for a 50 ml pot, it’s not what you would call budget-friendly. Of course, the fact that it’s a cream made with all the highest quality ingredients that work in harmony with one another, makes it worth every penny. Even so, I couldn’t justify spending such a large amount of money on a night cream. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fantastic product – the cream is fabulous, it’s just a case of it being a little too expensive for me.


Will Organic & Botanic products feature in my daily skincare routine?




I am such a fan of Organic & Botanic Madagascan Coconut Rejuvenating Moisturiser. I love the fact that it’s all natural, ethically sourced and vegan. As well as how wonderfully soft and smooth it makes my skin feel, not to mention how hydrating it is. I only have one problem with it – the price. I would love to make this night cream part of my daily skincare routine, but the price per pot is just too high for me. However, if I were to strike it rich, it would be first on my list of beauty buys. Girls, if you’re not on a budget, this face cream is a must-have for your beauty bag. I am a major fan.


*This post contains PR samples. However, all opinions are my own.