Are you heading off to college or university? Are you counting down the days until you leave home and start a new chapter in your life? For most of us, going to university makes us feel both excited and apprehensive. (I was a wreak before I started, but once I arrived and met everyone, I loved it!) It’s completely normal to be scared and anxious, but try and stay calm, and enjoy every minute. To help you survive fresher’s week, here are some useful pearls of wisdom. 


Work those social skills


College students sitting in the park


Fresher’s week is a daunting prospect, but it’s a great opportunity to get out there and make new friends. Take advantage of the events on offer, and have a think about joining some clubs and societies. You’re bound to find something that interests you, whether you’re a fan of sports, fashion, art or music. Go to some of the fairs and see what takes your fancy. During fresher’s week, you’ll also find that there’s loads going on in the evenings. If you’re living in halls of residence, there are probably club nights and bar crawls planned. If these appeal to you, make sure you sign up for tickets early, as they tend to be popular. Ask those living around you if they’d like to go with you.


Make time for sleep




Your first few weeks of university will probably fly by in a flash. You may be out all the time and working out where your lectures are, but make time for sleep. When you’re tired, you can get rundown, and you’ll pick up minor illnesses. Fresher’s flu is a very common eventuality for many. Take some nights off partying, drink plenty of water, and try and eat well. If you’re feeling under the weather, get to bed early and take some multivitamin supplements.


Learn to dress for comfort




When you first arrive at college, you want to make a good impression. But when you’re sitting in lecture theatres all day and walking long distances back to your flat, it’s best to dress for comfort. By all means, get glammed up for nights on the tiles. But during the day, you may be best sticking to flats and trainers, comfy sweaters and jeans. If you need a new wardrobe, you’ll find many shops offer student discount. It’s also a good idea to get online and make use of discounts like Famous Footwear promo codes. Try and resist the temptation to spend your entire loan on new clobber though. It’s got to last a whole term!


Get into a routine




The sooner you can get into a routine at university, the better. The first two weeks or so won’t involve much work. But try not to get into the habit of sleep, party, repeat. It’s important to go to your lectures and to do the work you’re set. If you get it done quickly, you can spend your free time doing whatever you want. There’s nothing worse than trying to get assignments finished at the last minute. If you hand essays in late, you’ll lose marks.


Are you heading off to college? Are you packing your bags and starting a university course? If so, you’re probably experiencing a mixture of emotions. Fresher’s week is a scary thought, but it should also be a really fun time. Take these handy hints on board, and hopefully, you’ll be settled with a new crowd of friends in no time.