We all have those little bad habits that we know we should stop. It might be a few cigarettes when you are out on the town, or a little too much wine or chocolate than is necessary. But some bad habits are far worse than others and could end up having a significant impact on your life.


Today, I’m going to take a look at some of the poor habits that many people pick up that can affect your brain. The brain is so sensitive, and the slightest damage can have a lasting impact. So, maybe it’s time to think twice about those little things you do that you think have no effect Because it doesn’t take much for disaster to strike.



Stop overeating


Overeating doesn’t just have an impact on your weight. Studies have shown a link between overeating and the premature degeneration of brain cells. So think twice before reaching out to the snack cupboard in the future. While you might be able to lose a few pounds, there are no guarantees you will be able to improve your brain cell count.


Missing breakfast


I know so many people who say they are too busy for breakfast. But the trouble is, when you are eating meals a long time apart, it has a big impact on your body – and your brain. You will find that your blood sugar levels start to drop dramatically. And when that happens, you aren’t sending the right nutrients for your brain to function properly. While it might make you feel a little fuzzy for the rest of your day, the odd skipping of breakfast isn’t a problem. But if you continue to miss your first meal for a long period, what do you think you are doing to your brain?


Cycling without a helmet


You don’t have to wear a helmet while cycling in the UK. But there is no doubt you should. I can’t believe so many people risk serious injury by riding a bike without the right protection. As ASB Aspire point out, a knock on the head can lead to severe trauma. Not only could it affect your brain, but you will also be putting a lot of pressure on your family. Of course, you can put in a compensation claim if you are hit by a vehicle. But why take the risk of impacting your life so greatly?



Eating too much sugar


The next time you go to your local supermarket, take a look at the ingredients of everything you buy. The vast majority of it is packed full of sugar. The reality is that when we top this up with extra treats like sweets or chocolate, we are consuming far too much. Not only can it lead to health problems like diabetes, but it also affects cognition. Too much sugar prevents your body’s ability to produce Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor. It’s this chemical that helps us make memories and learn new things. Without it, your brain just won’t function as well as it should.


Look after your brain, folks! You only have one, and any damage can be hard to fix!