Virtual. It almost seems like a buzzword these days. You can seem to get a virtual anything. Well, a virtual office is certainly nothing to be mocked. It’s absolutely crucial for many new startups. Here’s why.


Lower startup costs


Starting a business is expensive. Hey, I know, newsflash, right? But even though this is common knowledge, budding entrepreneurs still find themselves taken aback. Finding and securing the right building in itself costs a lot, let alone actually renting the office space. The equipment and furnishings don’t exactly come with the place, either. But with a virtual office, every employee can just their home computers. They can use their own Internet connections. You don’t have to pour so much money into creating a hub for you all to do your job in. Read more about startup costs at


Less hassle


So that list of things you have to do when starting a business I wrote in the previous paragraph? Not only do they combine to create a huge expense. They also sound like an awful lot of hassle, right? Well, setting up a virtual office can be done in a relatively small amount of time. And the work itself can be aided greatly by everyone having their own space. For a start, you’re not all hogging the same Internet bandwidth. You’d be amazed how much of a difference that can make on your productivity.


Utilities – a worry of the past


The utility costs of your average office are pretty darn scary. There are the obvious things to consider, like water and electricity. These things end up being in use by several people pretty much all day. It’s not exactly friendly to your wallet! There are other things to consider, too. Most offices these days come with a cleaning service imposed upon the tenants by the landlord. A lot of the time, they make the business owner foot the bill! When you have a virtual office, you don’t need to worry about any of these things. Read more about business utilities at


The location


One of the most common worries when it comes to setting up a virtual office? Well, naturally, a virtual office doesn’t actually have an address. Sure, the business owner will have an address. But it’s going to be a home address, and you don’t exactly want to be sharing that information, do you? Nor do you have to. What you may not know is that a virtual office can have an address – a virtual one! You can use a mailing address based in the city. This is perfect for people who don’t want to give out personal information, and for businesses that may accept global deliveries. Read more about it at




Working from home is becoming a more and more acceptable business practice. And this is exactly how things should be. Employers have famously been hesitant to allow for it for decades. But in recent years, with the increase in mobile technology and online capabilities? They simply have less reason to hold employees in an office. And that’s fine: people who work from home have been shown to be happier and more productive on average. So a virtual office setup helps both you and your employees. Read more about happy workers at