Filming a promotional video is a great marketing idea for a small business. This video can be uploaded to social media, and embedded on your website. It’s a great way of telling consumers more about your company, and luring them in.


If you want to film a promo video, then here is a list of things you shouldn’t do:


Don’t Forget About Video Quality


The equipment you use to film your promo video is extremely important. You can’t get away with using your mobile phone to get all the filming done. Sure, some phones have HD video recording, but, it’s not the same as a proper filming device. You need something that shoots in the highest quality possible, as well as some additional bits and bobs too. You’ll need a tripod to keep the camera still, so it’s not shaking all over the place. The quality of your video is of the utmost importance. It’s so easy to notice when a promo video is filmed in good quality or not. Bad quality ruins the viewing experience and makes your company look cheap and unprofessional.


Don’t Film In A Bad Location


Just like a blockbuster movie, a promo video has to find a suitable location. If you’re filming a promo video in the alleyway outside your office, it’s not going to look good. There are loads of great film locations you can find if you do your research. Pick one that’s suitable for what you’re filming. Trust me, the location makes a huge difference, and people notice the high production value when you’re in a good place. It helps take your video from amateur to professional.




Don’t Try And Act If You Can’t Act


How many promotional videos have you seen when the business owner is acting? I see it all the time and nine times out of ten it’s cringeworthy! If you can’t act, then don’t bother trying to act. It will just look unnatural, and the whole video will feel bad. Your words have to flow properly like you’re having a casual conversation. When you’re given a script, there’s a tendency to speak more robotically if you can’t act. You’re trying so hard to remember your lines, it looks bad. So, have a rethink of how you want to do things. Don’t include yourself or anyone that can’t act and doesn’t look natural on camera. Bring in some actors to do the job for you, and make your video more professional and refined.


Don’t Use Cheap Editing Software


Once you’ve filmed your video, you have to edit it. This means getting some professional software to get the job done. Do not, I repeat, do not use Windows Movie Maker. That isn’t professional, and you won’t be able to get a good job done. If you don’t know how to edit videos, then get someone in to help with this process. Editing is crucial as it helps make the video flow from scene to scene.


Bear all of this in mind when you’re shooting your promo video. Don’t do any of these things, or you will ruin the entire video.