I like to think of myself as a bit of a Jack of all trades, so to speak, as do a lot of freelancers. When you’re self-employed, it’s good to have backup ways of making a little extra money now and then. So that should we encounter a cash flow issue, we’re covered. We’ve all been there, sometimes the flow of work is slow, other times it takes our clients ages to pay. When these things happen, it’s good to have a backup method of earning to rely on.


So, what are my favourite methods of earning a little extra pocket money online? And why am I such a fan of them?




Before I say any more, let me just be clear – I am a big believer in responsible gambling. I would never gamble away my last £10 in the hope that I would win big. However, I do think that sometimes a little bit of gambling can be a good way to make some extra pocket money while waiting for more work to come your way.


There are lots of sites for gambling online, many of which allow deposits of as little as five pence. I love this concept – budget-friendly gambling, because you can play a handful of games and have only spent a pound. Of all the different forms of gambling, online bingo is one of my favourites. It’s fun, easy to play, and can come with some fantastic payouts.


Answering surveys


Another of my favourite ways to earn extra money online is via surveys. Although these may not pay much – normally between one and five pound a survey, it’s a quick and easy way to earn online. Admittedly, it might not provide a liveable income, but as a stop gap, while you’re waiting to get paid, it’s an ideal option.


What I like to do is make myself a cup of coffee, get comfy, and spend a couple of hours answering survey after survey. Then, once I’m all surveyed out, I tot up my earning and transfer them to Paypal or my bank account, ready to use. My favourite sites are Swagbucks, Vivatic, and Toluna, although Toluna only pays in vouchers not cash but even so, it’s a great site.


App reviews


Did you know that you can get paid to try out and review apps? All you have to do is join an app reviewing site, such as Best Review App, and then you can start downloading apps to review. Once you’ve reviewed an app, you’ll get paid. It’s such a simple way to earn extra money. Of course, you only get paid a small amount per review, but it all adds up.


Whenever I’ve got some spare time and need to earn a little extra cash, I see what apps are available to review. The majority of app review sites only pay small amounts per review, but it’s still extra money, so it’s definitely worth looking into.


So there you have it, my favourite ways to make a little extra money online.