Looking great is good for us. We feel better, and we have more confidence. We even stand up straighter. But it’s isn’t always easy to look good. It can cost a lot of money, and take up a lot of time to make sure that your outfit is always on point. But there is an easier way. Read on to find out what that is.


Capsule wardrobe




So before we find out how to take our outfits up a notch, we need to look at the outfits themselves. Instead of buying anything and everything that you happen to like or that it is in fashion, it is a lot cheaper and less bothersome to work with a capsule wardrobe.


A capsule wardrobe is a small collection of classic pieces that all work well together. You should pick a base colour like black, grey or tan, and a neutral like white or cream. Then you should also pick a colour that is on trend this season and that works well with your complexion.


Then you need to start with a minimum of nine items. These should include three bottoms like trousers or skirts. Three tops like vests, shirts, and blouses, and three second layers like jackets and cardigans.


The rule is that they have to be one of the colours that you have predetermined. They also have to go with every one of the other 6 pieces that are not in their own category.


Once you do this, you have the basics for a functional and classic wardrobe to wear this season. But there is a catch. All you have is a very basic minimalist outfit with not much personality. But don’t stress because by getting creative with accessories you can raise the level of these outfits from meh to wow!




Large collection of gold jewellery


One of the best ways of injected some wow factor into your outfits is to use jewellery to accessorise. Large statement pieces can look great against chunky jumpers or delicate blouses adding drama and panache.


Of course, classic diamonds look great with any outfit and raise it to a classy and sophisticated level. If you are concerned about your budget and want to get this look, then try some pre owned jewellery. You can get classic pieces for a more reasonable price that way.






Handbags are a great accessory to add some pizzaz to your outfit. For the 3×3 capsule, it best to pick out three handbags that work with the colours and style that you have chosen.


You will want an evening bag, a day bag and a larger shopper or overnight style bag. Pick one on the neutral colour you have and one in the base colour you are using.


Then go crazy with the last one and pick the most on-trend colour that you can find that goes with your scheme. You don’t even have to choose one that compliments your complexion here so feel free to rock neon colours or a really outrageous pattern.