We’ve all been there when payday is still a good few days away but our hair, skin or nails desperately need some TLC. Before you rush out to get that luscious, but rather expensive hair conditioner, book a deluxe pedicure or give your dermatologist a ring why not first try something a little more natural? These quick, easy and natural beauty tips will not only see you looking and feeling great but they’re all purse friendly.


Treat Those Toes


When you think about it our feet go through quite a lot; we’re walking around all day, sometimes running flat out, and occasionally we even bang our poor toes against something.


Treat callused feet and toes by mixing cornmeal and banana together, applying it as a paste to rough, dry and cracked areas for around thirty seconds until the skin starts to feel soft and smooth again. The cornmeal works as a natural antifungal solution and exfoliator with the banana softening the skin until it feels brand new.


Face Food


This DIY face scrub not only smells absolutely delicious but does wonders for your skin as well. First up, you’re going to need a small bowl of strawberries, don’t worry you can mix the rest with some live yogurt to create a yummy smoothie after you grab your honey. The best honey to use is a golden, runny honey. Why not support local beekeepers and get it fresh from the source? Or choose quality products when you buy british groceries online. You’re then going to mix the honey with the strawberries, and it’ll act as a base for the scrub.


Chop the strawberries into little pieces and pour into the honey, mix and then rub the concoction onto your face in small circles, massaging the strawberries into the skin for around three minutes. The natural friction will ease off any dead skin, while the honey will hydrate any dry patches and together they even create a natural spot fighting anti-sceptic.


Healthy Hair Infuser


Whatever color your hair is a quick tea based treatment can help restore shine, boost color and strengthen fragile hair. Just boil a pot of tea, chamomile for blondes, rooibos for redheads and rich black tea for brunettes, refrigerate and then pour over your hair when you next shower. Leave it on for around ten minutes for maximum results before washing off with warm water. Over time, the tea lowers hairs PH, or acidity level and closes the hair cuticles themselves which make it more shiny, sleek and manageable. Hair dye not quite the right color? Tea’s natural chemicals can help to neutralize stronger hair colors leaving a more natural shade.


Fruity Nail Manicure


So you’re going to need some grapes, red ones are best, and a tablespoon of sugar. Cut the grapes in half, dip the juicy side into the sugar, then massage your cuticles for around thirty seconds before finishing with a drop of hand cream onto your hands and cuticles. The coarse sugar crystals will remove any hangnails while the fruit helps to exfoliate the ragged edges. Finally, the shiny grapeseed oil on your nails acts as an instant top coat.