Running a small business will result in many ups and downs. In this piece, I want to focus on the downs. I’ve got three of the biggest threats to your small business listed in the article below. Give them a read, and find out how to combat them and turn these lows into highs:


Cyber Security Issues


In this day and age, one of the biggest threats has to revolve around cyber security. This includes everything to do with computers and the internet/digital technologies. For example, someone hacking into your computer system and stealing important documents and bits of data. Or, someone hacking your website and shutting it down. Cyber issues are serious as they create heavy periods of downtime in your business. Plus, they can result in all manner of important things getting stolen. To combat this, you need a proper cyber security team to help you out. Get some IT support, and they will monitor your system and ensure no one can hack into it. I recommend you outsource a company for this, as they can provide a whole host of things for you. They may employ ethical hackers that try and hack into your network to determine any faults that the support team can then fix.




Physical Security Breaches


By physical security breaches, I’m talking about everything that’s not digital. So, someone breaking into your premises and stealing money or important stock items. It could be someone throwing a brick through your window and damaging your premises. Or, it could even be your own employees stealing things when you’re not looking. All of these things have negative consequences and can set your business back by a fair bit. Things have to be replaced or repaired, and this can affect your profit margins. You might even have to fire employees and hire new ones, again, this sets you back a lot. An easy way to counter physical security breaches is by hiring a security company to take care of things. A security services company can offer you protection in various ways including CCTV monitoring of your premises and guards watching the doors. It makes your commercial space more secure as they can prevent unwanted visitors from breaking in and also use the CCTV to monitor your employees.




The final threat to your business is your competition. Unlike the other two threats, this isn’t something that’s security-related. However, it just might be the biggest threat of all. Ruthless competitors will do everything to make their business look better than yours. This can include stealing ideas or copy certain things that you do. If you let your competitors gain the upper hand, it will be curtains for your company. What you need to do is stay on the ball, copyright any ideas you have so they can’t be stolen. Then, just focus on being better than the rest and your business will rise to the top.


Combat all the threats to your small business, and you will start to see more success. The key to good business ownership is identifying the bad things and making sure they don’t become big issues.