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Choosing to start a business of any kind requires selling of many different things, including products and your soul! But there are of course other businesses that aim to help others, and if you are hoping to go down this avenue, then this will help you achieve a sense of fulfilment in life. There are many different things you can choose to do in the normal working scenario, such as work for a charity. But if you wanted to set up your own business with your own ideas, thoughts, and actions purely for the intention of helping other people, but you don’t know where to start, here are a couple of ideas.


Setting Up A Medical Practice


This is a course if you have a spare doctorate in your pocket! You could choose to become a silent partner in a medical practice with an existing health care professional. There are many doctors that are giving up their practices, or they are selling their practices to healthcare providers and hospitals. This means that there is a gap in the “market” when it comes to providing better healthcare for people. But when it comes to the basics of setting up a medical practice you will need to have the general business tools such as accountants, and knowledge of the legal red tape, all the way down to the fundamental basics from equipment to hospital furniture and the right staff such as qualified receptionists and having the business funds. Overall it cannot be underestimated how important medical practices are, not just to the local communities but to humanity in general!


Starting A Business That Deals With Afflictions Or Addictions


For many people in the Western hemisphere, there is a big social pressure on going out nightclubbing up to a certain age, and with this comes a lot of consumption of illegal substances or alcohol. As the nature of “binge drinking” has become more widespread than ever before, this is something that needs to be addressed. A good business model would be to start an alcohol-free club night. The premise is very simple: just having a typical nightclub and all the accoutrement but without alcohol! If you wanted to align yourself with a healthy living organisation or charity, this might work to pave a new way of dealing with alcohol addiction.


Personal Development Coach


There are a lot of people that view this kind of profession with raised eyebrows. However, it is very popular with people, and entrepreneurs such as Tony Robbins have made a living in helping people help themselves to perform better in life, whether it be in a seminar scenario or one on one. You can help people to overcome anxiety or depression by having almost counseling-style sessions. If you have had issues in your own life, then this is a logical step for setting up a small business where you can either impart some of your wisdom or knowledge and help people live more fulfilled lives by either counselling or more in-depth processes such as CBT or hypnotherapy.