When you run a business, you have to look after your premises. Whether it’s a shop, office, warehouse or factory, there are certain issues you need to take care of. There’s the maintenance of the property, which might involve looking after the interior or exterior. You also need to maintain any equipment you use and keep the premises safe for your staff and customers or visitors. It’s important to have a plan for maintaining your business premises to ensure that things get done when they need to be. Don’t forget to do the following things when you create your plan.


Your and Your Landlord’s Responsibilities


If you rent your business premises, you need to know what you’re responsible for. Some things are down to you to maintain, while you landlord has to care for other things. Much of the time, business tenants are responsible for maintaining the interior and landlords need to take care of the exterior. However, it’s important to check your contract to find out for sure who needs to do what. You should make an effort to keep your premises looking good by making repairs as quickly as possible. It might involve anything from fixing a small hole in the wall to replacing light bulbs.


Your Security System


If you have a security system on your premises, you might want to pay special attention to it. If it’s not working properly, it could fail you at a crucial moment. Someone might manage to break in and perhaps you won’t have caught them on camera. It’s important to look after CCTV systems and make sure that they’re doing their job. Camera lenses might need to be cleaned, or you might need to check that electrical systems are still connected properly. Some equipment can be expensive too, so looking after it can save you money.


Equipment Maintenance


You’ve probably got other types of equipment on your premises that you need to look after. Some businesses will have computers and printers, while others have larger pieces of equipment and machines. Regular maintenance will help to ensure they’re working to their best potential and are safe for your staff to use. You might perform safety checks on key pieces of equipment. Taking care of any issues as soon as possible can help you avoid more expensive repairs or replacements.


Fire, Electrical and Gas Safety


Another important maintenance aspect to consider is the safety of your property. Even if you rent your premises, you are usually responsible for fire safety. There might be some shared areas that your landlord has to look after. Checking safety equipment like fire alarms and extinguishers is essential. You also need to check gas supplies yearly and make sure electrical systems are safe too. Make sure you know your legal requirements for these safety checks. You could be in big trouble if you don’t fulfill your responsibilities and something happens.
Any business owner needs to make sure they’re doing their duty when it comes to maintaining their premises. Create a plan for your business, so you know what you need to do and when.