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Small business’ may have every intention of staying small, and that’s fine. However, that doesn’t mean you should spend less time on your marketing, or forget to use some crucial marketing methods! Here are some of the marketing methods that can be great for small business:




Many small businesses don’t think that they need to blog. But blogging can help just about any business, of any size. With blogging, you can write how-to guides and tutorials on your services/products. You can share your expertise with your followers and audience, and it might just encourage them to work with you. You can also use this opportunity to get more of your personality across, share your opinions, and more! Even if you just blog once per week, consistency will get you everywhere. It’ll even improve your SEO!




Vlogging is pretty much the new blogging. In videos, you can share information way faster than with blogs. Many people prefer to get information this way, rather than read blocks of text. This is an even better way to show off your personality as a business, and the people behind it all.


Handing Out Business Cards/Leaflets


Cards and leaflets are never going to go out of style. They tell people all they need to know about your business, in a way that’s pleasing to the eye. Business cards easily fit into a purse or wallet, and leaflets can be used to give a little more information, including pictures of products.


By Estate Agent Leaflet Designs