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Your hallway is the first area guests will see when they enter your home. It is the place where you welcome them and where they will form their first impressions of your design skills and housekeeping. So, it is very important that you take the time to decorate your hallway as best you can.


Here are my top tips for transforming your hallway into an interesting, stylish space:


Make a Statement


You won’t be spending a lot of time in your hallway so you can afford to go a little crazy, make a statement and really show off the quirkier aspects of your style. The simplest way to do this is with a feature wall. Go for big bold patterned wallpaper, colourful paints or perhaps a piece of signature art to draw the eye and make your hallway matter.


Colourful Carpet


If colourful walls aren’t really your thing, why not go crazy with a colourful carpet? Put down a colourful hallway runner that will help to keep your floor clean, while making an impact on your guests.


Add Accessories


It might just be a hallway, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t spice it up with a few accessories. Add a table with some freshly cut flowers to welcome your guests, install a vintage coat stand or hang your favourite photos on the wall to give the area some personality.


Let There Be Light


Hallways are often narrow, and they don’t always get much light, which is why you need to bring in as much lighting as possible. Natural light is best, so consider changing your front door for one with a bigger window, to let the sun in. If that is not possible, wall-mounted lights in combination with mirrors, which reflect the light, can make the room feel bigger and lighter.


You might also want to put in some emergency led lights, which are very useful if the power goes out and you need to be able to see when you come home in the evening or when you want to get safely to bed.




The hallway is one area of the home that can very quickly become cluttered with shoes, coats, hats, bags and anything else that has a tendency to get dumped the second you walked through the door. If you want to keep your hallway clean and clutter-free, you, therefore, need to invest in storage.


In the hallway, a storage bench is a good addition because not only can it be used to hide your clutter, but it serves as a handy seat where you can sit to take off your shoes or whatever.


You may also want to invest in a shoe rack so that you can keep your shoes off the floor and display them in a much more attractive and efficient way. Friends and family are more likely to take their shoes off if they have a designated place to store them too.


Key Holder
A key holder is also essential in the hallway if you don’t want to lose your keys. You can get some very pretty key holders, which can be mounted on the wall and serve as a decorative feature in their own right, too.


*Photo not my own – credit.