party drinks


So you’re thinking of doing something different for your next party? Don’t we all. There are no end of unique ideas that are sprawled across the internet, but if you want something completely original then you’ll need to mix and match from the best ones that you come across.


Incorporate different themes


Whatever you are planning, whether it’s a wedding or a birthday bash or even just a get together with your friends that you fancied going all-out for, there are themes which suit each one. You can have a play with them and make them suit whatever you want; if you are going dainty and floral, consider throwing in some polka dots and other kitsch designs to make it stretch a bit further. Likewise if you were trying to do something around an 80s show for example, you could take other shows that the main actors had been in and use them as ideas to bounce off. Or you could mix it up completely – pineapples and space. Random, but it could work.


Think about the venue


You’re not consigned to having a party in a set venue. You could consider getting festival tent stretch rental to go across anything that you have set up outside should the weather change for the worse, or brave the outside elements with only nature for your shelter, like in a woods or a forest. There are so many out-there choices for you to go to, and beyond the sky is your limit in terms of picking something that will suit you and your guests’ tastes. You need to think about the obvious, like how many you will be inviting and whether need to cater for children or not, but apart from that you can go completely wild. You can go wild with decorations at any venue (provided there aren’t constraints on it), so make sure that you pick a good one.


Take inspiration for your food


This is the age of gastro-cuisine, where we are seeing new baking startups happening every week. Independent cafes are booming, pop-up restaurants are only growing in popularity and there are even big name restaurants which are allowing takeout food thanks to companies like Just Eat and Deliveroo. Have a look on Pinterest and other food recommendation sites for something that will tickle your tastebuds, and remember to consider the dietary needs of everyone; there are so many people who are vegan, wheat/dairy/egg free or following a paleo diet, for just a few examples. You don’t need to cater for absolutely everybody’s need else you’ll be there all day (and doing a lot of guess work if they haven’t previously told you), but there are some great recipes available online for you to choose from which will be able to give you either substitutes or a whole new take on classics which will be a hit for everybody. Travel around with the world when thinking about your food and what you’ve got to offer guests and try and deviate from the ‘popular’ dish countries like China and India.