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It might still be chilly for a few weeks yet, but spring is finally here! The coldest, dullest months are finally behind us, and it’s a chance to start looking forward and planning exciting things for the rest of the year. One area that it’s well worth working on is your home. Chances are you’ll have family parties and barbeques planned over the next few months, so want the space looking nice for entertaining purposes. Plus it’s a chance to have a really thorough clear out and get everything up to scratch. Here are a few ways you can spruce up your home for the spring and summer.


Tidy Up The Gardens


After neglecting your gardens for the last few months, it’s time to start getting out there again. If you get to work now, by the time it’s warm enough to spend time outside everything will be done and ready to go. Break up any compacted soil in flowerbeds and borders and turn over the soil, removing weeds as you go. Overseed your lawn to fill in any gaps and make it look lush and full again, when you come to mow it in a few weeks it will be looking far healthier. You could lay down some decking to create a patio area, the great thing about this is decking adds significant value to properties so if you come to sell later down the line, you will make your money back. It’s not a cheap upgrade if it’s done right, but sites like have short term loans available which are perfect for home improvements. Now is also a good time to plant some seeds and bulbs, or buy plants from the garden centre ready to bloom later in the year.



Spring Clean


Spring cleaning’ is a tradition that’s worth getting on board with. Even if you keep your home clean and tidy, there are certain jobs that just don’t need to be done all the time and can get overlooked. Doing a deep clean involves cleaning carpets, windows, putting soft furnishings on a hot wash. Pulling out heavy furniture to clean behind it, decluttering and organising cupboards and drawers. Cleaning every square inch of your home will make you feel so much fresher afterwards, it’s a great way to bring in the season.


Update The Colour Scheme


It’s out with the deep, rich colours and out with something lighter for spring. Things like cushion covers, curtains and lampshades can easily be switched out. Box up everything else and keep it in the attic or garage until the autumn later in the year. That way you have two separate colour schemes but don’t have to keep buying all new things. If you keep everywhere else neutral, it will always work with whatever accent shade you bring in.


Switch Out Your Home Fragrances


Scented candles plug in air fresheners, and reed diffusers are all ways you can bring some beautiful fragrance into your home. Over the autumn and winter, most of us opt for warm spicy scents like vanilla, gingerbread and cinnamon. The spring is a chance to lighten it up. Light florals, fruity scents and clean linen type of fragrances all work well.