making friends


When you are at college and uni, there are loads of different clubs and organised activities through which you can meet a whole range of new friends. In fact, it could feel like new people are never in short supply! Unfortunately, that can quickly change.


Once you finish college or university, you will find that it instantly gets harder to meet new people. Once you enter the world of real work, you will find that all of your energy becomes focused on your job and your current friends. You won’t have a whole load of spare time to get out there and meet new people. That’s probably why many adult’s social groups are limited to friends they have known for years and people who they meet at work.


Sound boring? Well, there are ways to change that and make it easier to get out there and meet new people! Here are some brill tips to keep in mind.


Make Time For It


As I’ve already mentioned, you will find that you don’t have a lot of spare time when you start working full time. Sure, you will have evenings and weekends to do what you like, but most people feel completely exhausted after work that they like to relax and chill out during these times. However, it is worth saving a couple of evenings or a weekend day for socialising. You can always relax on the other evenings and days! Once you have some dedicated time for meeting people, you will be more likely to plan some fun activities that will put you in touch with more potential friends.


Start Dating


Are you single? If so, why not get out there and try to find Mr. Right?! Dating is a very sociable activity, and you will meet a lot of people. If you meet a new boyfriend, then even better! One of the great benefits of finding a boyfriend is that you can meet all of his friends and relatives. You never know, you might really get on well with some of them, and that will help to increase your social circle even further.



Find A New Hobby


Lots of hobbies are sociable activities, and getting involved in a new one could open up some new friendship doors for you. For instance, if you are into your sport and fitness, you might like the idea of taking up a new sport. There are lots of sports clubs and leisure centres around the country that you could join and join in with all their sporting activities. Another good idea is joining a local book club. Lots of these kinds of clubs meet in cafes to discuss a good book over a cup of tea and slice of cake!


Always Say Yes


It’s ever so easy to decline invitations for events after work, especially if your job tires you out. But you should always try to say yes. Going out to parties and get-togethers is one of the best ways to meet and mix with new people!


Don’t just stick to Netflix tonight – go out there and introduce yourself!