jog time


We can all appreciate the need for taking care of our bodies. After all, you only get one shot at this life, and ignoring those demands can reduce both the quality and quantity of yours. Having said that, life is for living too. Frankly, no healthy living routine is worth compromising your enjoyment altogether. Finding the balance is crucial.


This is a huge stumbling block for many, which is why so many abandon their health kicks after just a few weeks. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that healthy living needs to be a sustainable lifestyle upgrade. The only way to do that is to make it fun. Try embracing these five simple tricks, and finding the magical recipe for health and happiness will become easier than ever.


  • Allow yourself to enjoy social events like nights out, but do it in a healthier fashion. Rather than drinking excessively, try switching to mocktails for at least some of the night. You’ll save a few empty calories without reducing your fun. More importantly, you’ll be in a far better place when you wake up the next morning. Let’s face it; the hangover cures are usually the biggest downfall anyway!


  • Turn healthy eating into a social occasion by hosting dinner parties for friends and family. You could even take turns by completing your own Come Dine With Me styled rota. Alternatively, family BBQs and meals where people can help themselves can work wonders. Let the kids stick to the bad foods while you bulk up on the good stuff while adding a little naughty stuff for a treat.


  • Drop boring gym routines in favour of life-changing experiences. Charity cycles from Land’s End to John O’Groats is a great example of combining healthy living with travel and unforgettable moments. The fact you’ll be helping others can only aid your motivation also. Meanwhile, competing in sports classes with friends can be another great way to keep fitness fun. Achieve this goal, and it’ll feel like a hobby rather than a chore.


  • Share your experiences. Personally, I believe that blogging is a wonderful to reflect on the achievements that have been made. Moreover, it’s a chance to refine and alter lifestyle habits for the better too. While we all hate to admit it, the kind comments of readers feed our narcissistic side too. For both physical and emotional health, expressing yourself in this manner is fantastic. If nothing else, it’s a home-based hobby that reduces the temptation of opening the biscuit tin.


  • Don’t go it alone. Losing touch with friends is the biggest worry facing most people taking on a new healthy lifestyle. In reality, a number of friends have probably been considering making a change for the better too. Use each other for support, advice, and motivation throughout the journey, and you’ll both see huge rewards. There’s a strong chance that it’ll even boost your relationship. If that’s not an added incentive to take the fun route to health and happiness, then what is?