Businesses, great and small, need promotion. For a company to survive, they need profit and the way to gain profit is to gain customers. How do you get customers? You’ve got it – promotion! We’re not just talking about leafleting the local area, but really getting your name out there as a company. You may think that the opening of your business is you reaching the finishing line, but you’d be wrong about that. Your launch day is your starting line and the gun has just gone off. The hard work that is involved with starting a business doesn’t just end when you open your doors. You need to encourage more business, more people and more clients toward what you can offer so that you can grow.


Promotional and marketing strategies are so important for your new business and the process of promoting what you have to offer needs to be watched closely. This way, you can watch your activity and get the best results for your company. Marketing holds hands with promotions. There are so many elements to marketing and promoting is a very key element in helping your customers to understand the benefits of the product or service you’re offering. Well thought out marketing and promoting processes are the key ingredients to a business being successful. In promotions and marketing, it’s important to define what you want to achieve, define your target audience and who you want to aim your strategy toward, and assess the competition you face as a company. By having a definitive goal as a company, you can hit the right targets and understand what you want your business to achieve. Your company needs to develop a message to the target audience, and this is where promotional events and marketing strategies come into play. Words and images can lead to the right action by a potential consumer and that’s where the effectiveness of a marketing campaign is most felt. If people aren’t buying what you’re selling, then you need to rethink your strategy over and over.


So, what is promotion? It’s the whole process involved in advertising your new company. Promotion is what is going to make people aware of who you are, what you offer and what you can do for them. The team that handles your promotional activities are so essential in making your business a hit. They are the voice of your company and they will send the brand message to the audience in the loudest, most clear way. This can include anything from magazine articles to television to huge, glamorous events. Promotional campaigns, business events and parties are all things you should be doing as a small – or big – company to attract people to your business. It’s not just telling people what you can do, it’s showboating! The biggest companies out there hold huge business events to invite similar companies and potential new clients to events to make connections. The best in the business hold huge, glitzy events to be able to showcase their business and forge new business links. It’s not just a party, it’s a way to mingle with new clients in a relaxed environment. It’s a time you can offer goody bags with your business offerings, stationary and business cards in one pack so they’ll know your name and remember you.


You need to inform the public about what your business can offer. As a small company, your promotional materials and efforts can mean the difference between making it or not in your field. Your product or service needs to provide a solution and the public needs to know about it – which is why your company should be investing in an excellent promotions agency to work for you. Failing that, taking a look at The Event Organisers’ Toolkit for Promoting Events is going to help set you up to understand exactly what you need to do as company. The promotional strategies that your company chooses to use will very much depend on the goals and priorities of your company. Without marketing and promotions teams playing a central role in giving your company a voice, you will not be able to gain the attention of your customers, clients and other businesses.


When you set up a promotional campaign, you need to take the opportunity to get creative. Thinking outside the box will drive your business toward success. It can be risky to start a business from scratch, but people do it because it’s an amazing way to feel fulfilled when things are successful. If you get to the point your business is up and running, then you can feel complete when your promotional activities go the way you have planned. Promotions teams should help your company to increase brand awareness in a big way, and with the help of outlets like TV, radio and local newspapers, you can easily spread information about your company far and wide. This helps the public to access more information about your products.


The strategy that your marketing team comes up with has to be tight to what your company is offering. If it is too loose, you may not find the marketing strategy successful in targeting the right people for what your company has to offer. A marketing plan that is thought out properly is one that can help you to identify the many different customers you could have and offer the right solution for each area. Promotional and marketing teams work hard to make sure that the right people are targeted for a company, so you need to ensure yours is on point, too.


One of the biggest reasons to show off your company with promotions and marketing is increasing customer traffic. The more you advertise and hold events, the more customers will know about your company and products. This then will drum up interest in your products and services. Some companies that offer glitzy events can be called show-offs. And rightly so! You want to show off what you can offer to the right people and you want to ensure continued interest. One of the biggest ways companies promote their offerings is with free samples. Everybody loves a freebie and that’s why the goodie bags we mentioned earlier on are so important for events. You don’t have to limit your freebies to events, though, as you can send out freebie products in the post. This all depends on the type of product or service you offer. If you are a company that sells a particular service, then offering money off vouchers for what you do can make a huge difference.


It’s important that as a company, you understand marketing is more than just an advertising campaign. Marketing effectively should result in profit and revenue for your company. If you can understand how you can promote your product, then you can be successful in garnering new business and generating more money. Marketing teams always want to achieve big things for your company, and a campaign cannot happen without a lot of research, effort and planning on their part. Once your team have done their research, they’ll create a plan that organises all the ideas put forward as well as all the actions that must be taken to be successful.  


Business promotion and marketing are ongoing challenges for small businesses but if you have the right team and the right plan in place, your business promotions can be a huge success.