We’re all a bit vain, so there’s no need to lie to yourself. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing either. It’s good to care about your appearance because there’s obviously a strong link between being healthy and looking healthy. The problem is that many people just care about the latter instead of the former. If you really want to improve your appearance, however, then you should be focusing primarily on living as healthily as possible.


There’s so much pressure to pull off the natural look, but the healthy look should be your priority. It sounds straightforward and obvious, but if you pay more attention to looking after the little things on a basic level then you might be surprised to find that the aspects of your shape or skin that you don’t like start to fix themselves.



Your skin


Ah, the centre of all big beauty discussions. The skin is definitely a huge worry for most women out there because it’s a sign of youth and vitality. People come in all shapes and sizes with all manner of hair colours and quirky appearance traits, but good skin is something that is universally cherished and desired. Nobody wants bad skin. Of course, the best way to avoid that is to simply look after yourself better. Stress leads to acne, so don’t let the cycle repeat itself. If you see a spot then just don’t sweat it. Make sure you keep your skin clean to avoid grease, and be sure to clean off makeup regularly because this can lead to spots and other blemishes too. Eating well is important too; excessive sugary foods obviously have a bad effect on the skin. Exercising after eating unhealthy foods might burn away all the fat, but it won’t stop the effect this all has on your skin.


Looking after your skin isn’t just about avoiding stress or excessive makeup products, of course. It’s about your health habits in general. So much of what we do throughout our daily life affects our bodily health and, in turn, the way we look. Habits such as excessive drinking and smoking can be hugely damaging to the way your skin looks. If you head over to sites such as then you’ll find tonnes of e-cigarette options, and they’re well worth considering. The key to cutting out a habit is to gradually wean yourself off the substance rather than rapidly and jarringly changing your entire lifestyle. Sober nights out don’t have to be so bad either. Cut out these habits and see if you notice a difference with your skin; it might feel a little more hydrated and look a little less red or blotchy. Even if you’re still young and barely notice the effects on your appearance, these are habits which are damaging your health on the inside. It’s only a matter of time before you start to notice the effects on the outside, so it’s better to make smart decisions now whilst it still makes a big difference.


Your teeth


You might be thinking that you’ve already got this point covered. Beauty mainly comes down to have the “perfect” face (even though you probably know that’s an unattainable dream perpetuated by beauty magazines). One of the most captivating and noticeable aspects of a pretty face is a pretty smile, and that’s why we all put so much importance on having nice teeth. The problem is that many people focus solely on the beauty aspect of their teeth. If you’ve had your teeth whitened then that’s all well and good for their appearance, but it doesn’t say anything about the actual health of your mouth.


You should be flossing and brushing your teeth twice a day (if not more). This is about not just keeping plaque off your teeth to keep them clean and avoid staining but also to avoid build-up seeping into the gums and causing irreversible receding. What does this mean in human terms? It means that if you don’t floss or clean your teeth well then you can end up with gum disease and, possibly, teeth falling out in the future. Clean, sparkling teeth don’t mean anything if they’re not healthy teeth, and the same goes for your gums. You need to be working towards keeping your entire mouth healthy rather than just keeping up appearances. If you look after your dental hygiene and health on this basic level then your teeth will simply look better as a result. You win on all levels.



Just eat and drink well


This has been hinted at throughout, but it’s a solid piece of advice. As mentioned over at, even if you don’t consume the right things all the time, you should definitely give your body breaks sometimes. If you have a naughty weekend during which you drink a lot of wine then clean out your liver afterwards by avoiding wheat, sugar, and dairy for the next few days. This will help cleanse out all the bad stuff, and it’s not a ridiculous cleanse in which you have to starve yourself. In general, just do things in moderation.