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I am one of the lucky few who works from home. I’ve never worked in a commercial office – unless you count when I interned at a lifestyle magazine during my final year of university. I love working from home for a range of reasons, but mainly because it means that I can decide what environment I work in.


Currently, I have an under-the-stairs office which is cut and cosy, but what I really want is an outdoor office in a building in the garden. I love the idea of working from home but not being at home; this would definitely make getting that work/life balance that I crave a little easier. After making mood board after mood board on Pinterest about what my ideal outdoor office would include, I’m finally ready to share my ideas…


So, what would my dream outdoor home office consist of?


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It would be modern & minimalist


One of the most important things for me would be having a home office that was modern and minimalist. Think neutral colours, such as white or cream, and a few well thought out features. Mess impacts your ability to think, which is why a minimalist space that is free from clutter is so important when it comes to designing a home office. I love that simple look made up of a combination of neutral walls and flooring and simple furniture. The building my office would be in, would ideally be a modern summer house, such as a pod-style building or if not, a wooden lodge.


There would be a warm & cosy feel


I would want my office to be more than just a workspace, I would want it to be somewhere that I enjoyed spending time in. That’s why I would put a lot of emphasis on ensuring that it was a warm and cosy space. To do this, as well as having my desk in their, I would also invest in a small sofa and coffee table, for when I wanted to relax or for when I had meetings. If I was going to choose a coffee table, or any piece of furniture for my home office, I would look at beautiful solid oak furniture, as I love the style and elegance of these pieces. To add to the cosy look and feel of the space, I would incorporate various sources of light, underfloor heating (in a dream world), faux fur rugs and throws, as well as a range of other soft furnishings.


Accessories would be Instagrammable


I love an Instagrammable space. I mean who doesn’t?! When you work from home, you want to be able to Instagram where you work from, don’t you? That’s why I would ensure the accessories within my outdoor home office were as pretty, stylish, and chic as possible. Think houseplants in pretty pots, fairy lights and bunting hanging from the ceiling, inspirational quotes as wall art, and a combination of quirky stationery. For the colour scheme of the accessories, I would probably pick either rose gold, pink, or marble, or all three – I just love these colour combinations.


So that’s what my dream home office would be like; minimalistic, chic, and timelessly stylish.