When purchasing new windows and doors, security is a paramount concern.  According to, simple security measures decrease your home’s likelihood of being burgled fivefold.  New doors and windows can add a lot of aesthetic appeal to your home, and are also absolutely vital in protecting its contents.  With such a variety of styles of door, window and lock available, finding the most secure can be a confusing process.  This guide offers the key to making a sensible and informed choice, for the safety of you and your loved ones.        


Choose strong, good quality doors and windows


This might seem obvious, but it’s all too easy to be tempted by a cheaper product made of sub-par materials.  Quality doors and windows are a sound investment, as they protect your most valuable possessions.  Glass patio doors are a popular choice, as they are attractive and functional, but should always contain toughened glass.  Frames should be made of solid timber or a robust material such as aluminium.  Any manufacturer or vendor you choose should be trusted and professional, with a track-record of superior products.


Protect your home from all sides


It’s easy to focus on the front of a property and neglect security in the back.  Staffordshire Police highlight the importance of both front and back home security.  If you have a yard, be sure to choose doors just as strong and well-manufactured as those at the front.  Consider modern and secure models for your patio doors, such as bifold doors.  Those provided by Bifold Shop contain strengthened glass and shoot-bolt locks, which will deter the most determined of burglars.  They also offer a ten-year warranty upon installation, delivery to site and a price-match guarantee of which they can be proud.




Guard against corrosion


Make sure your doors are fully weather rated.  Harsh weather such as strong winds, heavy rain and sudden changes in temperature can put a great strain on the materials that make up doors and windows.  Weakened materials mean an easier job for a burglar.  Powder coated doors are particularly weather-proof, as the powder prevents corrosion that can, over time, compromise the integrity of your windows and doors.  The doors provided by Bifold Shop, for example, come with a powder coating that guards against peeling and blistering and comes with a 25-year guarantee you can rely on.  The powder also means your doors won’t discolour as quickly, so they look brand new for longer, advertising their strength to any would-be intruders.


Use the latest in locking technology


For your front doors, multipoint locks provide extra security.  For folding doors, shoot-bolt locks can be an excellent option.  These powerful and durable locks usually consist of a central gearbox and rods or extensions.  They provide excellent protection against break-ins and should last a long time.  Again, make sure that your locks are manufactured from quality materials.