hosp stay


If you are preparing to have an operation or procedure for which an overnight stay in hospital will be necessary, you could too easily undersupply yourself with essentials. Yes, certain items could be available at the hospital – but we would still urge you to take the following items with you.


Vital phone numbers


Whoever you would like to contact while in hospital, bring relevant contact details, the British Heart Foundation advises. Taking your GP’s name, address and phone number would also be a good idea.






If you anticipate struggling in your movement post-surgery, then pack pyjamas or a nightdress the front of which can be buttoned up. This would ease putting on that clothing when this is necessary.


Daytime clothing


Keep those clothes comfortable and loose, particularly as hospital wards can feel toasty. Underwear and socks should also be packed, while a dressing gown can be helpful on those occasions where the process of getting dressed can feel like a burden.


Notebook and pen


If you tend to only think of questions for your doctor when they aren’t actually at hand, you could use a notebook and pen to write down those questions for when the doctor does appear.




Various books and magazines


If you know that your attention span tends to be short, endeavour to mix up your reading material; glossy magazines and puzzle books could be good choices.  However, resist selecting heavy books, as continually holding these could be a pain.


Eye mask and earplugs


These can be more crucial than you realise, as you might not realise just how bright and noisy hospital wards can be. For listening to music, you could also opt for noise-cancelling headphones, as Liberty London Girl suggests.




Taking a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant and a towel is vital, while you should choose shower gel instead of a bar of soap; this would remain damp and might amass germs.




Your medication


Whatever medication you typically take, bring it with you to the hospital. If you will have an assessment or appointment before the hospital stay, then bringing your medication along to that would be wise as well.




While food will be provided at the hospital, you can’t be certain that you will always like it – or that the hospital won’t have run out of the food there you would most enjoy. Fruit and nuts would be good choices of healthy snacks, while prunes could address post-surgery constipation.




You might not need a huge amount, but cash can come in useful for when you want to purchase items like TV cards and newspapers at the hospital.


There might be other items, like a laptop and nice drinks, that you could also benefit from taking. However, rest assured that, at private hospitals in London, you can also expect staff to consider your needs and make sure you are comfortable. A good case in point would be the staff at Highgate Private Hospital, which offers a pleasing range of services and treatments.