Canada is a vast country and offers an amazing array of different sights and experiences to enjoy, which means you can explore some of its incredible natural scenery or head for one of the country’s amazing cities.


Here is a look at some of the top vacation spots that should be on your must-see list.



Beautiful Banff


The iconic Rocky Mountains provide the spectacular setting for Banff National park.


If you want the opportunity to explore thousands of kilometres of unrivaled mountain scenery and want to enjoy some incredible photogenic natural scenery that includes glaciers, icefields, and lots of different fauna and wildlife, Banff is unlikely to disappoint.


Spend time in Yoho


Situated on the Western Slopes of the Great Divide, Yoho National Park is another treasure waiting to be uncovered in the Rocky Mountains.


The park offers visitors truly amazing hiking and sightseeing adventures and is considered to be a place where you can get a real sense of the natural beauty that much of Canada is proud to offer as part of its heritage.


Vibrant Vancouver


If you are looking for a top city experience the vibrant city of Vancouver warrants your attention as a suitable destination.


Staying at somewhere like the Delta Hotels Vancouver Downtown Suites will put you in a good spot to explore the city, and you will soon discover that it offers a thriving art, theatre, and music scene, along with great urban landscapes against a mountain backdrop.



Historic Quebec


Another Canadian city with its own unique personality is Quebec.


The country’s most French-speaking province oozes charm and sophistication and many visitors love wandering the Petit Champlain district with its cobbled streets and many bistros offering traditional cuisine.


Cosmopolitan Calgary


Another city worth of mention is Calgary, which is a fascinating mix of urban-chic with shiny skyscrapers evidence of the wealth created via the oil industry here, contrasting with the original roots of the city as “Cowtown”.


The Calgary Stampede in July is still very much a part of what the city is all about and is an attraction that draws many visitors during the height of the summer.


The wilderness of Jasper


Away from the bright lights of some of Canada’s amazing cities, there are many destinations that offer you a memorable encounter with nature.


That is certainly the case with Jasper National Park, which is also part of the Rockies.


The Columbia Icefield is a spectacular sight and the vast wilderness that defines Jasper makes it a great place to enjoy a hiking or camping adventure.


A popular ski destination


If you are heading to Canada in the Winter a real hotspot for ski enthusiasts is the town of Whistler.


Used as a venue for the 2010 Winter Olympics, Whistler deserves its reputation as a top ski destination.


See the falls


You can’t provide a list of top Canadian attractions without mentioning Niagara Falls.


The sight and sound of this powerful waterfall is a memory that stays with you, so head to Ontario if you want to experience Niagara in person.


These are just some of the top Canadian vacation spots that justify why the country is popular with visitors from all around the world.