The dating world is not what it once was. Once, you only met potential partners in your local area. Often, your one true pairing came about through a friend of a friend. Now, the reality couldn’t be more different. We have access to an unlimited source of potential partners. Dating sites like Plenty of Fish, and even Tinder, allow us to cherry pick potentials whom we have in common. In fact, 1 in 5 relationships now start online. And, the stats show that these relationships are standing the test of time. It makes sense when you consider that people are now pairing based on similar tastes.



But, there is one significant issue which stands in the way. When dating online, it isn’t unusual for there to be a fair distance between you and your perfect partner. As a result, more of us than ever are embarking on long distance love. Which is all well and good for a while, but it’s rarely long before the stresses and strains start to take their toll. When that happens, even a perfect pairing can fall apart. A sure way around this would be to breach that gap when it starts to prove a problem. And, here’s how to do it.


Get on the same page


Before you broach the issue of bridging distance, you need to ensure you’re on the same page. To be honest, there should have been a few clues by now. If you talk about your future and refer to each other as ‘we’, you can be pretty sure you’re good to go. If you’ve never spoken about plans, make sure your partner wants you closer before moving. The best thing would be to come right out and ask when the time is right. If you’ve been together for a year or more, it shouldn’t come as a surprise.


Talk about technicalities


Once you know that you both want the same thing, it’s time to talk about technicalities. The chances are that both of you have commitments where you are. But, something’s got to give. If you live in the same country, you could meet halfway, and both commute equal distances. If they live somewhere close, like Jersey or Guernsey, you might have to start thinking of getting a job in Guernsey, and do the groundwork before you move. By having conversations like these, you’ll discover what each of you is willing to sacrifice. Ultimately, one of you may have to leave your job. But, with adequate preparation, you can ensure you have something to go to.


Set a time frame


With a plan in place, it’s essential you set a deadline. It’s all too easy to make plans like these and never see them through, especially if you’re leaving things behind. But, if this relationship is going to work, you need to take the next step. Set a time, six months or so in the future, by which you intend to move. And, make sure you stick to it!