There is nothing more exciting than getting stuck into a new project. Whether you are updating your home or getting your hands dirty by making clay with the kids, crafts are pretty much every creative person’s favourite way to pass the time. You can let out your creative streak while having fun when it comes to a good crafty afternoon, but did you know that your crafty side could be saving you some cash as well?


Most people don’t have the time to sit around and make their own household trinkets and belongings, but if you carve out the time in your busy schedule, you’ll be soon able to see how your handiwork could save you money. You could have a penchant for paint, go gaga for glitter or simply feel satisfied by the movement of spray glue guns as you upholster your own furniture. Whichever way that you decide to craft, why not think about the ways you could be building yourself some decent savings?




Everyone loves candles; they look beautiful and, if scented, they smell amazing. They can make an entire room look open, colourful and warm with the strike of a match. If you haven’t got the cash for expensive candles such as these, how about turning your hand at making your own? They’re super easy, with a recipe list of heat-proof containers like jars, soy wax and a wick. Simply melt the wax, add the wick and let it set. Easy. Not only could you save money by not buying your own, you could save money by making them as gifts for family.


Clothes Repair


There’s nothing worse than ripping holes in perfectly good clothes by accident. You’ve coughed up hard-earned dollars and treated yourself, only to find yourself needing a whole new wardrobe all over again – it’s a pain! However, if you check out videos like these, you could learn to repair your clothes yourself and save yourself the money on new items. It’s always a good idea to start off with a good sewing machine and a stock of thread, but once you have everything you need it’s going to end up a fraction of the cost of shelling out money in the shops.





If you have a large family and a big social circle, you’ll be well-versed in buying birthday, anniversary and Christmas cards in bulk. Instead of buying them and giving the shop cash for something that’ll get thrown away soon after use, why not learn to make your own? There are plenty of tutorials and ideas on this website that you could follow. If you find it soothing and easy, you could branch out on websites like Etsy and sell your own cards on there. Not only will you save money buying them, you’ll make money selling them. Nifty little side hustle, I think!




Looking around your home, I bet you could point out plenty of empty wall space that you have no idea what to do with. Well, what about your own artwork? You could expand far further than just putting pen to paper when you have the right materials. You could make your own craft tables with pallets and a glue gun. You could make your own 3D art for the walls like the examples that you can find here. Artwork comes in many forms and if you have a knack for knowing what you want, you could create any kind of art that you like. There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to look at a piece of your own work that you spent time on and poured love into.


Saving money in an economy where we are spending more and yet earning less is something almost everyone strives for. It’s just a case of being a little crafty how you save that cash. Make a little here, save a little there; it’s all relevant. You could even recycle your own household goods and make things from them. Those wine bottles could be your candle holders. Those old cardboard boxes could be the backing of your handmade cards. Whatever way that you do it, there’s always inspiration around the house that you can utilise so that you can be crafty. You may need to lay down some cash in supplies, but the fun and satisfaction you get out of it makes it worth every penny after that. Take the time to discover what you love to craft and you’ll be saving dollars!