What’s amazing about a ski trip isn’t the power of Mother Nature or the beauty of the slopes. Yes, they are fantastic, but the biggest take away is the chalet. One stay in a home away from home on a European piste and you will never want to leave. Sadly, you have to come back to earth with a bump and return home, but you can always have a piece of your ski trip. How? You can do it by decorating in a chalet style that is reminiscent of the glory days on the slopes.


So, with that in mind, here are the best tips (in the site’s humble opinion) to keep in mind.


Use Nature


One thing that stands out in a chalet is the use of natural materials. Wood is without a doubt a major player in the design, and it needs implementing in your home. Hopefully, there will already be timber beams and posts that you can enhance by adding stain. You can also remove paint and wallpaper to let the wood shine through. If there aren’t, think about the easiest ways to incorporate dead trees. The book, Modern Living Chalet Style, recommends ripping up the decking and replacing it with hardwood.


Keep It Basic


Chalets hit the nail on the head without going over the top. The temptation is to add as many features as possible and hope for the best, but it’s bound to be cluttered. Even worse, it will look tacky and forced. Keep it simple and concentrate on the fundamentals for a perfect balance, such as hard flooring that has a wood look, like laminate flooring. Ski homes are relaxation retreats and the features should reflect that. A big bath in the middle of the room is both comfy and minimal. Light and nature are essential too, and sliding French doors provide both. The window panels bathe the room in sunlight, while the doors are a gateway to the garden. That’s two birds with one stone.



Create Luxury


As soon as you hear the word ‘chalet’, the first thing you think is wow. Yep, living in a wood hut for a week is a luxurious experience. So, your home has to feel as though it is elegant and graceful, which isn’t easy to do without money. A cool trick is to use contrast to make the features stand out from the rest of the room. A mid-century modern dining table will look a treat combined with high-back chairs. The kitchen island should have bar stools also, to mix retro and contemporary styles.


Don’t Forget The Exterior


As soon as you sidle up to the building, it takes your breath away. It’s not a coincidence – it’s because the owners put a lot of effort into the exterior. And, you should do the same as curb appeal is important. So, why not try an outdoor furnace and stock wood right next to it? There is nothing that says chalet more than a roaring outdoor heater. Rugs and fabric chairs are great too because the materials are warm and contrast with the decking.


Ultimately, you can bring a little bit of holiday home if you are prepared. The question is: are you ready?