When you work from home, sometimes getting into the swing of things and actually working isn’t all that easy to do. Particularly when your partner also works from – I love our setup, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes concentration does not come easily. However, over the past three years where we’ve both been working from home together, I’ve learnt a few hand hacks for ensuring that my office is an immersive space that is completely separate from any distractions, allowing me to work effectively.


Want to know what my secret is for working effectively at home without getting distracted? It’s simple really: create an immersive office space. Wondering how you can do this? Read on for all of the best tips and advice for designing the ideal immersive working space within your own home.


It doesn’t have to be a room


While every freelancer dreams of having an entire room to themselves to work from or an outdoor office pod, we understand that actually, that’s not always an option. However, just because you can’t have a dedicated space with a door on it to work from, that doesn’t mean that you can’t create an amazing workspace. An idea that tends to work well is transforming an old cupboard into an office space. That way you can open the wardrobe up at the start of the day and step into your office area, and then when you’re finished with work you can close your office up again. It’s not about having a whole room to work from, it’s about having a dedicated workspace.


Block out the outside world


For me personally, I can only work in an environment that’s completely secluded from the outside world. I don’t like to be able to see and hear what people outside are doing as it’s off-putting and can make it far more likely that I will get distracted from the task at hand. So what I have done is had blinds from Direct Blinds fitted in the windows near my workspace, so that when I want to block out the outside world I can easily do so. I simply close my blinds while I’m working and then reopen them once I’ve completed my daily to-do list of tasks.



Keep it clear of distractions


Aside from outside distractions, I also find that certain features within my home distract me from my work. These include things like the TV and music being played. At one point I was really struggling to work because of these distractions, so I removed these items from the area in which I work and since then I have found it much easier to work effectively from my home office area. At times when I can still hear distractions, I put my headphones on and play white noise via Spotify and it works a real treat at calming my mind and aiding my concentration.


Everything is within easy reach


The idea of an immersive space is creating somewhere that is ideal for working in, it immerses you in the task at hand. So I ensure that within my working area that everything I need is within easy reach. I also keep the entire space organised and clutter-free, as I find that mess and clutter make it harder for me to work effectively.


So there you have it, a guide to how I’ve created an immersive office space. If you need to create a similar space that will aid your concentration and productivity, take note of my ideas and utilise resources like Pinterest to find more.