It’s June and we are already facing sweltering temperatures. Summer is here, though with British weather, we can never be too sure how long the sun will stay shining! Still, assuming we are going to have a few more months of warmth and sunshine, it’s a good idea to get on top of certain jobs to make sure our homes are in tip-top condition for the season. Otherwise, your mood won’t match the (hopefully) sunny climes outdoors.


  • Check your air conditioning unit. If its not working at its optimum performance then you are going to suffer when you are trying to take some solace away from the heat. There are a number of reasons why it isn’t working effectively, and you may be able to deal with any problems yourself, such as replacing the air filter and clearing away any dirt and debris that has accumulated in the vents. If there are still issues, you should probably call in a professional to get on top of the problem for you. Otherwise, you are going to get more than a little hot headed when you’re trying to cool down inside!


  • Prepare your home for the bug invasion. You won’t be the only one taking refuge away from the summer heat. Your home is also prey to a range of bugs and beasties keen on gaining entry. Okay, so they won’t really be coming in to take advantage of the aircon, as most bugs love the warmer weather. But if you haven’t sealed up the cracks in your home, they are going to take a vacation and camp out in your house. Check for drafts coming in, and if you feel any air coming in around your doors and windows, seal them with caulk and weather stripping. It’s a good idea to invest in bug barriers too, giving you further defence from these crawling miscreants. You might also consider calling pest control if you do get an influx of beasties.


  • Check your conservatory. A great place to relax during the summer, but not if the colder months took their toll on your summer refuge. The sealant may have become damaged between the panes of glass, and you may notice visible cracks in your windows too. This will cause an issue in the rainy season – you will have to put up your umbrella if you want to sit in your conservatory – but it can also cause problems during the summer, especially if you are trying to conserve the heat. If there are any issues, you may need to replace your windows and doors, but if this isn’t something you can do yourself, get the aid of a professional. Another problem is too much heat. We don’t want you boiling like a lobster, so consider replacing the roof. Most conservatory roofs are made from polycarbonate, but the conservatory experts say a glass roof is a better bet, as it won’t absorb as much heat from the sun. Again, speak to the professionals!


By getting on top of these fixes, you will have more time to relax during the summer. We hope our advice helped, but if you have any further tips for our readers, be sure to let us know!