Last week, Clinique launched a brand new, highly innovative product: Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly, and I was one of three lucky bloggers invited to attend a mini launch event in House of Fraser in Exeter.


When I saw the email arrive in my inbox from the lovely Alex, one of the Exeter Clinique consultants, I was incredibly excited. I love attending any event, as it always feels like such a privilege to be asked to go along. However, what with this event being a mini launch event for Clinique, I was far more excited than I normally would be, as Clinique is one of my ‘go-to’ beauty brands. Their Chubby In The Nude foundation is my Holy Grail; I absolutely love it because it, quite literally, blends like a dream.


One thing that I love about Clinique as a brand is that every counter I’ve been to has been run by friendly, helpful consultants. My pet hate when visiting beauty counters is product pushing. At other brand’s counters, I often feel like I am having products pushed in my face, but not with Clinique. I never feel like there’s a pressure to purchase when I shop at the Clinique counter, and that it what I love about this brand, aside from the amazing quality of the products, of course.



The event was such fun…


When I arrived at the Clinique counter in Exeter’s House of Fraser, I was both excited and nervous (a side effect of living with anxiety). Luckily, as soon as I arrived, I was greeted by consultants, Alex and Helen, who were both wonderfully welcoming and friendly, and instantly made me feel comfortable and relaxed. The other local bloggers in attendance, Vicky from ‘The Somerset Beauty’ and Heather from ‘Heather Paget’, were also lovely.


Once we’d all had a good look at the products, taken a load of product photos, and lots of selfies, we were each asked to sit down while Alex and Helen showed us how they determine a customer’s skin type and skin care needs. The traditional option that is usually used for larger groups of customers is a multiple choice paper skin care questionnaire. However, the preferred method is via the Clinique iPad, which offers a more in-depth skincare assessment and has a range of useful skin care tools and resources integrated into it.



Using a range of different questions, from how much sleep I get to what my main skincare concerns are, Helen was able to determine what my skin type is and what Clinique solution I would need to use. The diagnostic system then made a recommendation about the three-step (cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise) Clinique skincare system that I should use. These are colour-coded and come with four options:


  • Skin Type 1: Dry to very dry. (Green)
  • Skin Type 2: Dry combination (Purple)
  • Skin Type 3: Combination oily (Pink)
  • Skin Type 4: Oily (Blue)



Helen’s assessment of my skin suggested that I was Skin Type 1. Although my skin is combination (dry everywhere by my T-zone), it’s also super sensitive due to my allergies, which means I would need to use the products for Skin Type 1 to prevent redness or soreness.



Once we’d each had our skin assessed and been recommended which solution to use, Helen and Alex began to talk us through the exciting new product – the reason that we were all there – the new Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly.


What makes Clinique’s new Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly so innovative?



Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly is an incredibly lightweight, water-based jelly that has been designed to deliver 24-hour hydration, plus protection from pollution. Free from parabens, phthalates, and fragrance, this innovative product has been designed for all skin types, which is why it is now the new third step in the Clinique customised ‘3-Step Skincare System’.


The Clinique 3-Step Skin Care System is simple and effective and takes just six minutes a day, 3 minutes in the morning and 3 minutes in the evening. It consists of facial cleansing, exfoliating gently, and then using one of the Clinique moisturisers or the new Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly.



How does this new product actually work? It’s simple really: this 24-hour hydrating gel includes ‘Clean Shield Technology™’ that locks in the good stuff – such as moisture – and filters out the bad stuff – like pollutants. It also strengthen’s the skin’s barriers and boosts resilience.


What’s in this unique formula? Clean Shield Technologyis formulated with sunflower seed cake, barley extract, and cucumber extract. When combined, these ingredients strengthen the skin, improve resilience, balance, and helps the skin to maintain moisture.


What does it feel like? At the Clinique event, we were all lucky enough to test out the new jelly, and I have to say it felt amazing. It has a unique, almost water-like jelly texture. When you apply it to your face it feels wonderfully fresh and hydrating; it’s not sticky and doesn’t leave a tacky residue, it quickly penetrates the skin and is absorbed in just a few seconds.



What are my thoughts on the Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly?


From when I first tested it out at the Clinique event, I fell in love with this new product. It’s so pure and such a smart concept – a moisturiser that locks in the good stuff but gets rid of the bad stuff. Plus, as the formula is oil-free, for girls like me who suffer from acne or oily skin, it’s ideal.


After using the samples given to us at the blogger event for the past few days, I have definitely started to see a difference in my skin. It feels smooth and is blemish-free, it seems stronger and looks healthy, and it has a lovely clean glow to it. Of course, this is no surprise as each of Clinique’s products are dermatologist-developed and are allergy tested, to ensure that they are suitable for every skin type.



This was the principle that Clinique was launched on. It all began when a conversation between Carol Phillips, Vogue Magazine’s editor and Dr. Norman Orentreich, a high-profile New York dermatologist. In 1968, Clinique launched and introduced their famous 3-Step Skin Care Solution that is still used today. They offered the very first range of beauty products that were allergy-tested, dermatologist-created, and fragrance-free products ever produced.


I had such an amazing time at the event; I got to test out lots of fantastic products, meet some lovely local bloggers, and I was able to chat about my bespoke skincare needs with Helen and Alex. Plus, I got to try out the new Clinique product that everyone is going mad for, and was sent home with an amazing goody bag. All in all, it was a fantastic afternoon.